Mistakes To Avoid If You Use Tape-In Hair Extensions

Posted by Para Hair on September 11th, 2021

Hair extensions are of various types and all of them are good at what they do in some ways. However, Remy Tape in Hair Extensions is the most preferred one. Almost every user chooses tape-in products because they’re easy to use. Regardless of how terrible your existing hairstyle is, you can fix it with a set of hair extensions. While they have been changing the lives of hundreds of women all over the world, everything will tumble down if you don’t put them on properly. Just imagine for a second that you’re running your hand through your hair at a party and one or more of your hair extensions come out sticking to your fingers. Such a situation is even more terrible than your current hairdo.


Wash your hair

The situation mentioned above can be extremely humiliating and it happens to a lot of women. Those who are a bit more tactful can handle the situation by simply putting the 22 Inch hair extensions back in their handbag and pretend as if nothing has happened. Then, they smartly walk away from the crowd, enter the powder room, and put them back on. Unfortunately, not everyone is equally “street-smart.” The best way to avoid such problems is to wash your hair before you attach hair extensions. Washing your hair will get rid of the oil and dirt present on your scalp. All kinds of hair extensions will remain in place if you follow this trick. Otherwise, the kind of product you use won’t matter. The oil in your hair will make them slip off.


The next point of consideration is the way you arrange your existing hair, as well as the extensions. A lot of people make this mistake and end up with hair loss problems, which is the worst situation you can get into with tape-ins. Hairstyling experts say that it’s a grave mistake to attach hair extensions too close to the scalp. If you connect the tapes too close to the root, the tape tab will become immovable and will lead to a lot of tension between the scalp and the foundation of your hair root. Sooner rather than later, you’ll experience an agonizing and irritating pain on the scalp. You must put the tape tab about a quarter of an inch above the root to avoid this problem.


Inappropriate technique

A lot goes into putting on hair extensions. No one should try to do it on their own without learning the techniques properly. Things tend to be a little more challenging for women with thin hair. Fortunately, manufacturers of hair extensions have a couple of strategies for people with extremely fine hair. The single-sided technique, for instance, is perfect for those who can’t handle the heaviness of two-tape wefts. Women with thinner hair will suffer from hair loss or other problems if they use two-tape wefts instead of the single-sided method.

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