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Posted by digichal on September 11th, 2021

India may be going digital but very few know about digital khata book udhar and its benefits. Many businesses are inherited from their ancestors. No wonder many people know very little about digital khata. Just like their ancestors, they still keep their business transactions in the form of registers or books called the ‘bahi khata’.

Does that mean there is no way a small business can dream big? Don’t worry, Digichal a fintech company has just the right solution that you need. Focused entirely on small and medium-sized enterprises, their objective is to solve their financial accounting challenges. The Digichal app is easy to install and can be used on your smartphones as well as on any desktop/laptop. Why switch to a Digichal digital khata? There is more than one reason why any business, whether small or big can take benefit of this best billing app.


1. Scalable - It helps you keep your records online. Your records can be easily verified and you can approach any bank with your records to apply for a loan. The time you save in accounting can be spent on expanding your business.


2. Time-saving - Instead of spending hours making, saving, and searching for information in a diary khata, the Digichal app helps you save time. You can store your customer information, product information, and all the business transactions in the app.


3. Cost-saving - To keep bahi khatas, to retrieve information, and to generate tax reports; all this cost is eliminated when you are using Digichal.


4. Professional invoices - Add professionalism to your business, hand over well-formatted invoices to your customer for that perfect impression. Generate professional invoices with just a click.


5. Safety and security - No stress of losing data because we store data on the cloud and keep it safe for you.


6. Easy and user-friendly - You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the app. It’s user-friendly and can be used by anyone.


7. Get access to instant reports - Get reports in just a click. Get expense report, sale report, profit and loss statements, and many more reports in your app. Focus your time and energy on monitoring your business through these reports.


8. Send payment reminders - Digichal offers an option to set and send reminders to customers whose payment is due. Instead of going door to door to collect money just set the date, time, and amount due and send reminders from your phone.


9. Access anywhere and anytime - Carry your digital sale report or your digital khata book udhar anywhere on your phone. Access it anytime. You can also restrict access.


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