All you need to know about Myopia

Posted by HelenaNelson on September 13th, 2021

Today’s generation everyone is facing vision problems and most of kids, adults and the teenager is suffering from vision problems because of technology such Watching TV, Using Smartphones for a long time.

Today we are going to discuss Myopia (Nearsightedness) it is hard to see distant objects, like highway signs, bus numbers until you’re a few feet away, but for them it easy to read the book. It’s a common condition that your doctor can fix it with eyeglasses, contacts lenses, or surgery.

Myopia runs in families and it is mostly observed in childhood. As you grow and reach your teenage your eyes usually stop changing but not always. The incidence of myopia is increasing day by day in recent years.

The signs and symptoms of myopia may include headache, eyestrain, and fatigue when doing some tasks that require distance vision like driving and playing sports. People with myopia often squint and strain their eyes, which usually causes headaches. For nearsighted and myopia people, far objects appear blurry and indistinct.

Can Myopia lead to blindness

No, myopia is a minor problem that can be corrected with eyeglasses, lenses, and surgery. But in rare cases, a progressive type called degenerative Myopia can be developed very seriously and is the leading cause of legal blindness. 2% of the population is affected.

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·        Have your eyes checked

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·        Eat healthy food

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·        Reduce Eyestrain

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