How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight Because of Drugs?

Posted by Trust care on September 13th, 2021

Many Drug Rehabilitation Center in India, mainly have observed the weight changes of a drug addict from the time they enter the facility to the time they leave. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in India also has witnessed people drastically gaining healthy weight after maintaining a healthy diet and quick leave from the harmful substances. These Drug Rehabilitation Center in India, then came forward and stated the following details of what is drug abuse and all about it’s weight losing effects.


Drug or substance abuse mainly refers to the severe use of certain chemicals binding with the aim of creating a pleasurable effect on our brain. There are more than 190 million drug users around the globe with the numbers increasing at an alarming rate, especially among the age group of fewer than 30. Apart from the long term damage caused in the body, drug addicts who primarily use needles may have a contracting risk of gaining HIV, Hepatitis B and C infections.


In many cases, it is observed that the abusers are usually aware of the severe harm they are causing by their habits to themselves as well as on their dependence; therefore, most of the abusers avoid seeking treatment on their own. There are multiple approaches one can seek including Pharmacological treatment, support groups, substitution therapy, and counseling, however, the most common of all them is the Rehabilitation centers.


Under the physical symptoms, drug addicts usually become very pale and skinny as the consumption starts to increase. Though, after the consumption of some drugs, people do feel the urge to eat in a heavy quantity, however in most of the cases, soon they start vomiting or either they won’t be highly doses therefore not in the condition to consume any food. Therefore, in such scenarios as the harmful substances are causing pain and a poisonous environment from inside, nothing fruitful or healthy is also being intake. Therefore, drug addicts soon start becoming extremely pale and skinny making them clearly visible to be identified as they have started the consumption of something harmful.


The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India understands that it is a complex situation having various social ramifications and medical issues which creates a deep impact on all the social stratas. Affecting not only the abuser but their families, it is now declared as a chronic relapsing disease. The only trust is in the possibilities of intervening with major positive and careful treatments, requiring continuum care. Therefore, the need of rehabilitation is a must and indeed a positive choice bringing your closed one’s back to normal and a positive life. The initial ending aim only remains to provide a secured and comfortable life with only serene and positive wishes for the individual.


Some of the possible information needed are as follows:


  • Drug consumption pattern
  • Medical history
  • Physical issues and condition
  • Mental status
  • Blood pressure record
  • Any past rehab experiences
  • Any past detoxifying experiences
  • Financial status
  • Legal status
  • Current living conditions
  • The risk of committing suicide or violence
  • Any sensory or cognitive disabilities

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