Importance Of NFPA 70E Certification

Posted by oshaprosusa on September 13th, 2021

Usage and handling of electrical appliances and connectors come with several risks that jeopardize the safety of individuals. While OSHA has its standard of safety practices, it recognizes the “National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)” training process as the standard. The related workers have to obtain NFPA 70E certification at the end of a successful training period.

Any individual working within an area consisting of electrical installations and engaged in supervision of electrical systems are good candidates for taking the training. NFPA also asks the following to be trained in the said safety measures to remain aware of the risks and mitigate them successfully:

Unqualified Persons- Individuals who are not professional electricians may operate or handle electrical systems and appliances in the course of work too. The training will help to protect them from all related hazards. While the concerned person may not be actively engaged with diagnostic activities, someone using electrical appliances as a part of their specified responsibility will have to be aware of the safety regulations. Office employees who use extension cords and power switches are good candidates to take the training. The janitors might be entrusted with the responsibility of putting on the lights at sundown or starting the water pump or HVAC system.

Supervisors- All inspectors and supervisors working at the designated site need to take the training without fail. They are required to have enough knowledge about the hazards on-site and be aware of the 70E requirements. Monitoring safety practices and keeping the people informed about the dangers is a part of their tasks.

Electrical contractors or a person in their team needs to have the required certificate before applying to the “Department of Energy” while bidding for the contract.

The entire training course is based around electrical safety, with the following being a must to be eligible for certification:

  •  NFPA 70E introduction
  •  Work safety
  •  Safe handling of specialized equipment
  •  Proper maintenance of electrical equipment/appliances

While most workers opt for the formal training, the professionals working with high voltages may also have to take the Arc Shock training. It is best to opt for hands-on training that can be taken during the course of work. Supervisors and management may opt for online training where the course can be taken in segments as per convenience. One can choose to take the exams after completing the course and obtain the certificate almost immediately. All certified personnel will have to take a refresher course at the end of three years.

Individuals working at construction sites r warehouses may require NFPA 70E certification, especially when working around electricity. It is even more essential to opt for Osha’s fall protection training to remain safe when working at heights or hazardous areas that risk falls and physical injuries. One may choose to stay safe by taking fall protection training along with fall arrest systems. The training is available online, making it convenient for busy workers who cannot spare time to attend training sessions.

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