7 Common Features That You Should Eliminate From Your Mobile App

Posted by Mike on September 14th, 2021

Nowadays, all business owners are relying on mobile apps. As mobile phones have become the primary source for getting every task done, the need for mobile apps has significantly increased.

However, when it comes to mobile app development, there are more chances of distraction by adding some unproductive features. A highly experienced Mobile App Development Company ADWEBSTUDIO can help you build an interactive app with great functionality. If you want to increase user engagement and get a maximum number of downloads, you must eliminate the poor and unproductive features from your mobile app.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you some common features that you should instantly eliminate from your mobile app to have good functionality. Continue reading it to get to know about them!

7 Common Features That You Should Eliminate From Your Mobile App:

Now, let us discuss these common features that you should eliminate from your mobile app:

  1. Contact Forms:

One of the features that need to get eliminated is Contact Forms. We feel that as businesses are switching to in-app chatbots, there is no need to have this feature in your mobile app.

Right now, customers do not have any need to submit their feedback through contact forms anymore. These forms are still useful when it comes to websites, but they are not beneficial for mobile apps.

  1. Cramped Interface:

The interface of any mobile app plays an important role in providing a great user experience. Hence, it must not be overcrowded and messy.

Every mobile app consists of a lot of features. But, if they are not placed rightly, it will create a distracted look. A simple and clean interface helps in better navigation. Moreover, the users will enjoy using your app.

  1. Manual Payment:

Some apps that include payment options must make the overall process easy and simple. Customers must have the option to utilize their existing mobile payment apps.

Try to eliminate the manual payments where the customers have to enter the card details manually. There should be integration with the mobile wallet so that payment becomes easy.

  1. Email And Password Logins:

Try to minimize the need to enter emails and passwords each time a user login with your app. Nowadays, Google and Apple now have the option of integrated accounts.

The users can now use their existing logins to get access to multiple accounts. It will allow easy access and protect the users\' data.

  1. Automated Push Notifications:

Many apps have the feature of automated notifications. It is also true that numerous users get annoyed with this feature as it constantly intrudes on the personal space of a user. You must eliminate the automated notifications from your app.

Despite this feature, you must ask permission to send messages. It will create a good impact and people who like to get notifications will use this feature willingly.

  1. Numerous Updates:

It is not advised to frequently update your app and disturb your users with numerous updates each day.

Instead of frequent updates, you can combine them into a group. As the users do not want to go through the update process each time, so try to avoid it.

  1. Multiple Ads:

It is a common practice that various mobile apps use ads to generate revenue. But, it must be eliminated from mobile apps.

The overuse of ads will annoy the users, and they will leave your app instantly. Therefore, you must use a limited number of ads to get enhanced user retention.

  1. Pointless Data Collection:

Several apps ask for the collection of users\' data that is unnecessary and pointless. Do not ask for users\' data that is not needed for the app.

Some apps require access to the location, contacts, and other data but do not ask for more personal information. 

The Final Thoughts:

Mobile app development is not an easy task, and you must be aware of all the good and bad aspects while designing a mobile app. The features mentioned above are those that you should eliminate to get a great working mobile app. Nevertheless, if you want to get professional assistance for app development, you may contact Reputable Mobile App Development Dubai.

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