Collection of Late Philanthropist Don Marron

Posted by Jenna Miller on September 14th, 2021


The Wall Street Journal described three New York galleries as \"longtime rivals\" for selling the collection of late philanthropist Donald Marron. Pace, Gagosian, and Acquavella planed to privately sell over 300 works totalling the US 0 million. Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Ed Ruscha, etc. are among the artists included. How exactly the trio managed to pull it off, particularly with competition from Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips, may never be public knowledge. “The joy of private sales,” quipped Pace president Marc Glimcher.

Many in the industry were surprised by this agreement. In recent news reports, three prominent auction houses were reported to have engaged in aggressive negotiations. The Wall Street Journal report noted that the houses guaranteed that at least 0 million would be paid for the paintings by Donald Marron\'s widow, Catie Marron. The auction house may be assertive because of its new owner, Patrick Dahi, and the need to make a big splash in its first year. Michael Plummer, co-founder of Artvest Partners, saw potential in a Christie\'s partnership. According to a report that cites Pinault, \"We know [Christie\'s owner François] and his family like taking risks on big deals.\"

There are good reasons for the auction houses to be aggressive. According to Artnet Analytics, 35% fewer lots crossed the auction block in 2013 with an estimate above million than in 2012. Additionally, many are concerned that Brexit, Coronavirus, and the upcoming US elections will continue to impact markets.

The three New York galleries who won the rights to the collection are framing it as a critique of the auction model, which will make matters worse for auction houses. Glimcher said one of the main reasons the trio teamed up was to \"make a point\" about how galleries can compete with auction houses. Glimcher told the Wall Street Journal that the talk about numbers and bidding was uninspiring to [Catie Marron\'s widow]. “Private sales are private, and sometimes that’s an advantage.”

A previous report from Artnet highlighted the conceivable procurement of Donald Marron\'s assortment by a significant sales management firm as motivation to anticipate a turnaround \"from a genuinely fair 2019.\" Now, those expectations lie in the assortment of land big shots Harry and Linda Macklowe, whose separate from procedures prompted a court-requested offer of their assortment, worth an expected 0 million. Artnet anticipates that those pieces should go to sell as right on time as spring.

In the interim, Pace, Gagosian, and Acquavella get ready for the offer of Don Marron\'s 300+ piece assortment. The threesome will have an occasion on April 24th, observing Marron\'s achievement. In spite of the fact that, it is indistinct which compositions or drawings will feature the occasion. Furthermore, the exhibitions likewise are not precluding the chance of selling a few pieces before that date. They can\'t bear to sell the assortment gradually. Among the couple of subtleties we think about the association is that Pace, Gagosian, and Acquavella consented to purchase any piece from Catie Marron that they can\'t sell. \"It was large chunk of change, so we need to convey—we can\'t send any works back to her,\" Bill Acquavella of Acquavella Galleries told the Wall Street Journal.

Be that as it may, while it is a tumultuous time for the exhibitions, it is additionally a significant second to respect the memory of Don Marron. Marron established the Wall Street firm D.B. Marron and Co. in 1959. His initial gathering enthusiasm lay in Hudson River compositions. In any case, he developed to see the value in more present day pieces as time passed by. He proceeded to assist PaineWebber more than 20 years with their assortment as the organization\'s administrator. What\'s more, he filled in as the leader of the Museum of Modern Art, where he likewise gave pieces from his assortment. He passed on of a coronary failure last December, matured 85.

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