Top Ten Ways to Acquire Customers Digitally

Posted by Stephen Taylor on September 16th, 2021

Businesses have been spending hours working on new business ideas and perfecting products or services, but all future growth pivots around one key question - ‘how to acquire customers.

New customer acquisition may sound simple, but it can be an incredibly challenging proposition especially in today’s saturated marketplace. Businesses need to stay up to date and tweak their marketing strategies. In 2020-21, many brands have been forced to reassess their client acquisition models to stay afloat. With a significant change in customer priorities businesses had to rethink what customers are purchasing and the way in which they are purchasing. According to the Arizent survey, Two-thirds (68%) of respondents out of 450 executives said that their brands experienced moderate to considerable challenges in customer acquisitions due to the impact of the pandemic. 

With the steep hike in the cost of attracting new customers, businesses are already struggling to keep their sales funnel full. They cannot pursue every marketing channel to pursue their efforts in acquiring new customers. Hence, during such times, they must decide where best to allocate their budgets and their marketing efforts. Innovators and Early adopters have cracked the code of customer acquisition funnels and are acquiring more customers for their businesses digitally.

In the early days of digital acquisition, brands enticed customers via tools like emails and social media ads. Times have changed! New age marketing technologies like moLotus have revolutionized the way businesses acquire customers digitally, and have become a key component of any customer-acquisition strategy framework. Brands are now reaching customers quickly like never before and are building communities of brand enthusiasts.

Here are the top ten actionable ways to acquire new customers digitally :

1. Deep Customer Intelligence

Deep customer intelligence forms the core of new customer acquisition. It is important for businesses to know who their target customers are, where they come from, their interests, purchase behavior, and more. Based on the customer intelligence, marketing strategies can be designed and fine-tuned to match their needs and wants. Thanks to tools and digital technology like moLotus, businesses are gaining superior customer intelligence; targeting customer data based on business criteria, demographics, interaction, etc., and sending customized messages to the customers, attracting more customers.

2. Increasing Reach & Brand Visibility

Research shows that increased reach and brand visibility adds significantly to customer-base. Precision in branding is crucial now as businesses tackle the effects of COVID-19 on the early stages of the consumer’s decision journey. Data-driven marketing tools like moLotus are conferring brands an edge when it comes to visibility. Consumers easily come to know what the brand is offering to them. The most obvious way to affect brand visibility is through performance-oriented moLotus ad campaigns yielding high brand recall and ultimately high conversions. Interestingly, the moLotus ad messages remain in the customers’ mobile inbox until voluntarily deleted by them thus triggering more brand visibility and acquisition. It does not require any kind of App download or, active internet/ data pack.

3. Performance-oriented Lead Generation

Lead generation forms the foundation of new customer acquisition. Traditionally generating leads has been a big challenge for businesses entailing huge costs and wastage of funds. Researches have shown that digital marketing channels like moLotus provide more high-quality leads, compared to traditional channels at optimum costs. The platform empowers businesses with instant lead generation via direct inbox delivery to all kinds of mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphone, i-phones, and feature phones and at optimum cost per lead.

4. Hyper-personalized Marketing

By giving a personalized touch to their marketing campaigns businesses can easily attract more customers and enhance sales volume. moLotus mobile advertising is being perceived as the only way to create a hyper-personalized experience. It generates new customers by offering unique hyper-personalization options such as name, greeting, reward, etc. The hyper-personalized moLotus mobile video ads engage the entire customer base better and acquire more customers. Personalization is done based on customer data, reaching directly to the customer’s mobile message inbox.

5. Interactive Advertising

Undoubtedly, successful customer acquisition requires brand-customer interactivity. Interactive communication is the key to effective customer acquisition. Research suggests that mobile video campaigns with call-to-action attract new customers with high sales turnover. Businesses should resort to interactive advertising, having advanced customer response options. moLotus mobile ads have advanced customer response options like SMS, call back, and more helping businesses to interact better with consumers. It is fast becoming the choice of leading global brands ensuring more sales. moLotus digital advertising platform is striking a two-way contextual conversation through its 40 sec. high impact video or multimedia advertisements loaded with multiple customer response options. 

6. Attractive Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Customers love to be rewarded with discounts, coupons, contests, etc. because they save money and feel like they are accessing something exclusive and limited. Thus attractive loyalty and reward programs augment the customer base for businesses. Brands have discovered the tremendous customer acquisition potential of moLotus digital rewards & loyalty campaigns. Studies suggest that such mobile-based campaigns improve customer experience with brands, building rapport, offering a tangible reason to stay connected and buy more. moLotus videos or rich media messages (coupons, gift cards, etc.) engage loyal customers, greet & reward them, thus keeping them loyal. 

7. Customer Education

Digital marketing technologies have better-equipped brands to educate customers and enable them to acquire customers.  With mobile videos gaining popularity among them, brand storytelling has emerged as a key way to educate and entice consumers. Businesses are educating their consumers about their products and services by using breakthrough digital platforms like moLotus. It is noteworthy that during this pandemic season, more and more brands have educated, inspired, and entertained their customers via moLotus storytelling capabilities. Consequently, there has been a phenomenal growth in sales figures despite the dismal conditions prevailing. 

8. Convenient Buying

Convenience is the key to customer acquisition and sales. Customers watching moLotus mobile messages can conveniently understand the products and services by just watching the videos. Pandemic-hit customers expect digital, at-home, and low-touch buying options from brands.  And, via moLoutus messages, they can digitally access the product information and buy them with a click. moLotus makes the buying process digital and thus enjoyable for customers who don\'t like interacting with pushy sales representatives. 

9. Employing Process Automation

Research shows that by automating their processes digitally, brands are creating hassle-free experiences for customers and enhance client acquisition digitally. Customers nowadays expect digital communication or real-time offers. Digital transformation has enhanced efficiency, lowered costs and increased profitability by automating customer processes. With the evolution of digital marketing technologies, the breakthrough automation capabilities of tools like moLotus are transforming the customer acquisition process right from lead generation, outbound calls, and more leading to better revenue opportunities. Customers now have the privilege to buy products and services just by reverting to automated mobile messages.

10. Upsell & Cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling strategies aim to increase customer demand, leads and sales. Businesses have perceived considerable new client acquisition opportunities in these uncertain times in running digital upselling and cross-selling campaigns. They are creating unique upselling and cross-selling campaigns via mobile advertising tools like moLotus, targeting huge databases and capturing quality leads. Brands are designing innovative services and products adding to more upsell and cross-sell. 


The world has shifted to remote work, relying on digital technology more than ever. To build a successful and scalable business, it is essential to have a stellar digital customer acquisition strategy in place. Businesses must embrace breakthrough digital technologies like moLotus to reach customers. Once you start generating new customers via moLotus technology, you will be able to keep track of customer acquisition costs and even reduce them to make your business more revenue-rich and profitable.


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