The perfect way to show the world your artwork: an elegant art display system

Posted by Linda Share on April 24th, 2016

Not all artwork requires traditional methods of display, but some of it does and, to be able to fully appreciate its beauty, it is highly recommended to use an art display system which is professional - meaning elegant and durable. For art galleries, many consider the cable hanging system, which is aesthetic and cost effective. It is worth considering for other spaces as well, where artwork is kept in high view, in large buildings with wide walls, in hallways, banks, offices and even at home. It can be suitable for a variety of interiors. You should not hesitate to consult online catalogues for art display systems and purchase one of the many available options.

One of the best things about using a cable hanging system is the fact that you have the possibility to change the position of the paintings or photos you want to display in any way desired without much effort. More and more people opt for these systems due to the fact that they are durable and of high quality.  Safe and sturdy is all one can ask for when it comes to precious artwork hanging on the walls. Art display systems allow the manager or owner of a gallery to change the position of the art pieces often enough, without too much effort. Hammering nails in the walls is an alternative, but if the space which displays artwork requires hammering all the time, it can lead to high maintenance costs (re-plastering and re-painting the walls all the time). The solution is to avoid nails and hooks, replacing them with a cable hanging system which is neat, simple and looks great in any space.

The way we see artwork is often influenced by the place where it is displayed - the color of the background wall, the frame thickness, the surrounding walls and of course, the display system. It is useful to display artwork in an environment which is as neutral as possible, to increase the visibility of the painting and make it stand out more. This way, the eye does not have to compete with anything around the artwork and can focus on what is really being emphasized. Consequently, it is good advice to get the best cable hanging system you can find. The best will always be as subtle as possible. It will not stand out more than needed to support the weight of the artwork. Obviously one has to pay attention to the weight of the artwork – there are systems which can support more than others. There are also other differences: the point of suspension can be on the ceiling or on the wall, the color and quality of the finishes (silver, golden) and having an open or closed-face. Take your time to find out how each looks and which would complement your interior best. You can even configure your own!

Don’t wait any more and contact the specialists and keep in mind that the sooner you do it, the better. Find out more about the available art display systems found online, by starting with our own recommendation. The website we suggest has been designed for art lovers like you and experts in hanging systems will be available to answer any questions you may have. They are acquainted with everything there is to know about cables and anchors for picture hanging and they are determined to provide you with the best products available.

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