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Posted by Sarah Jones on September 16th, 2021

Both residential and commercial landscapes require regular maintenance. People typically think that the curb appeal of residents matters more than commercial properties because no one actually judges a commercial property based on looks but its services.

Well, that is the biggest misconception. We know this may sound surprising to you but, the outside of your building’s appearance matters the same as the success you create inside the property. A well-maintained property not only improves morale but also boosts sales too.

Similar to this, there are various things that not many people know about commercial landscape maintenance. In this blog, we are going to accord some important details about the commercial landscape that even experts what you to know about.

1. Commercial landscaping is an important investment

Commercial landscaping is important because the landscape is the first thing your customers, partners, and employees see when visiting your commercial property. A poorly maintained landscape will offer a negative impression of your company. In fact, your business may look like a rundown property.

With an attractive landscape, you will not only create a positive impression on the people but also increase the worth of your property and enhance employee productivity. You can display your eco-friendly values. And even make your property stand out.

2. Look beyond services when hiring a contractor

When you hire a contractor for commercial landscape maintenance, make sure that you look beyond services and prices. This is because you are not only looking forward to gaining services and solutions from them but also want to create long-term business relations.

Choose a company based on its transparency, check if they communicate well or not, know their work ethics, experience in the industry, qualification of the staff, etc.

Being proactive and looking for important things upfront is key to identifying if the contractor can offer improvement opportunities or not.

3. Cheaper isn’t always better

We know that budget is an essential factor when it comes to outsourcing services and solutions. But, just to find a balance between the cost and budget, it doesn’t mean you should opt for a contractor that offers a cheaper alternative.

Even though some contractors offer discounts on services, they aren’t necessarily cheap.

An outstanding landscaping company knows that the process requires a team of professionals, meaning their services are cheap. The experts work together to offer the desired result. You typically pay for selected services, hours put by the experts in the work, and their expertise.

4. Understand the landscaping business

Commercial landscaping takes time. It starts with a vision. There is planning involved. The designers design the area as per the client’s needs and demands and then implements and installs the final details.

So, take time to discuss the warranty, maintenance, and other things it entails. Maintenance comprises everything from mowing to trimming and fertilizing, irrigating, weeding, plant bed maintenance, and tree care. The activities may change based on the weather. Being proactive in asking is key to understand the process.

5. Weather and climate matter a lot

Keep in understanding that not everything is in the hands of your contractor. Weather and climate have a huge impact on the end results, too.

For instance, every region has different soil types, temperature ranges, season lengths, etc. So, discuss the soil amendments with your commercial landscaper and choose plants, shrubs, species, and trees that thrive best in a place where you live. Native plants may prove better than exotic ones because they can resist environmental challenges better.

6. Pay attention to contractual terms and conditions

Before you go ahead and sign the contract paper, make sure that you take a few minutes to go through it properly. Discuss maintenance expectations and service details in advance. Only agree on terms, timelines, services details, and schedules that meet your needs.

Make sure to get a well-written contract that has details of insurance coverage, resolving mechanism drafted for any issues that may arise.

7. Never overlook functionality

The role of commercial landscaping is more than just aesthetics. A properly done landscaping will add freshness, vibrancy, and attractiveness to your landscape. It will end up enticing your customers, clients, and employees alike.

What’s more, an incredible commercial landscape will accentuate the architecture, reveal clear walkways, buffer designated parking areas, make the access to the building easy and straightforward, frame the well-defined front entrance, and do much more for your property.

It basically will transform your property and offer it a well-deserved makeover.

Wrapping up

There you have it. These are some things people struggle to understand when they wish to conduct commercial landscape maintenance. We hope our blog was able to clear the misconceptions you had.

If you are looking forth to adding a visual statement to your landscape, look no further than Walnut Ridge Landscape and help your business make a statement.

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