Guild Wars franchise is one of the few MMO experience

Posted by fanzhou on April 25th, 2016

ArenaNet was one of the bright spots on the computer display extremely boring, bringing with it a new trailer for the upcoming epic Guild Wars 2 expansion heart of thorns. Guild Wars 2, for those who do not know, this is one of the most popular and successful forums than ever. Guild Wars franchise is one of the few MMO experience that even though it is not real competition with Blizzard World of Warcraft, I was able to stand toe-to-toe with the mammoth in the game, while many other MMO faltered and failed in recent years.

Part of the success of Guild Wars 2 can be attributed to non-payment of subscription fees, as well as the height of the extreme Polish, placing it far from the sea of ​​similar Deadman Gold games. The game certainly earned his success with 2 million units sold shortly after its launch, and so much more since then.Due to the success in the base game, ArenaNet is counting on the first major expansion of thorns heart says to give Runescape players a lot of current new content to enjoy, how to convince the Runescape players expired resume adventuring.An Internet exciting new gameplay mechanic from Guild Wars 2 in the heart of the expansion of thorns, as described in the RuneScape 2015 trailer in the form of union halls.

Guild halls serve as the foundation of compounds. The EU must join hands together for the first time, and then work together to clear the room of enemies before they say their own. After the Guild Hall claimed, it can be filled with specialized buildings that serve different purposes, and dotted with a wide range of finishes, to revive this place Guild Halls will also up.The objectives of PVE and PVP also services. Players scape can be found in his room a consortium arena to fight each other, or may be used as a meeting place before leaving for quest.Along of these details, it was at the hands of ArenaNet through computer Deadman Mode Gold games show to announce that the heart of thorns is currently available for pre-purchase on the official Guild wars 2 site as an added bonus, which means that before buying the expansion of all the Guild wars 2 beta events in the future and provide Runescape players the opportunity to test and try out the new expansion content first.

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