What are the top advantages of using aluminium trays

Posted by Ullrich Alumunium on September 16th, 2021

When you are driving around, nearly every second car is a ute. They are a tradies dream, easy to drive and great for weekends. With COVID-19 being around for the past 18 months, people have decided to invest money into their beloved utes. One of the first investments that a ute owner will make is a new aluminium ute tray. Stock ute trays are bulk made, usually with lesser quality workmanship and materials. When modifying a ute, the possibilities are endless, however one of the best investments is an aluminium ute tray. We are going to discuss the top advantages of using aluminium ute trays.

Better for your vehicle

How can a ute tray be better for your vehicle? Some see an aluminium ute tray as a simple accessory; however, it has a larger impact on your vehicle. Firstly, aluminium ute trays are up to 140kg lighter than steel trays. This means that you are carting 140kg less than the alternative, saving large amounts of fuel and wear on tyres. What’s better, with the weight you are saving, you can carry more of the important stuff…whether it be work gear or camping gear!

Better Aesthetic

Aluminium ute trays simply look better. They fit on the vehicle perfectly and can be coated to any colour you like. Along with the benefits mentioned above, your ute tray can look however you want it to, sitting perfect on your ute. What more can you want?

Resistant to Rust

One major advantage that steel trays simply cannot match is that aluminium ute trays will not rust. If you live close to salt water, a steel tray will start to deteriorate and rust quickly. If you look after your aluminium ute tray, it will look after you. Chances are that the tray will outlast the ute itself!

Built for Australian Environment

The strength of an aluminium ute tray is perfect for the harsh Australian environment. Whether you are working on a farm in rural NSW or enjoying a beach drive on Fraser Island loaded with camping gear, aluminium ute trays take it easily. In fact, they are so strong that the only limitation will be the GVM of the vehicle and how much weight it can carry.

Quality Built

Aluminium trays are only as strong as its weakest point. We understand that and use strong bolts, washers, and joins. The welds are made strong, which they need to be to last. Aluminium ute trays are one of the best modifications to add to your vehicle, so why wait?

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