Top Reason to Continue Digital marketing in times of uncertainty

Posted by Straight Up Digital on September 16th, 2021

Over the past eighteen months or so, life hasn’t exactly been considered normal. Masks are now everywhere, and people are expected to keep their distance wherever possible. For small businesses, the economic impact has been felt harder than ever, especially for those in the tourism and hospitality sectors. No matter what your business does, marketing is an effective tool that can be used to separate you from your competitors. Now, when times get tough and revenue and profit grow slim, marketing can often be the first expense a business can cut, and this is a common mistake. Without marketing, you lose all the previous traction you worked so hard to gain on social media and search engines. Here we will discuss why digital marketing should be continued during times of uncertainty.

Build your brand while others are not!

The one positive to take out of an uncertain time is that if you are feeling the hurt, chances are others are too. This gives you a very small window of time to get a one-up on your rivals. Even if it isn’t clients walking through the door, building brand recognition and product knowledge is a great way to give your business a boost.

Effective Marketing Tool

As mentioned above, uncertain times will hit everyone. This can provide a way to develop some cunning and specific marketing that can be targeted to all of those who are affected, not just a small target market. This way you are targeting a much larger audience, meaning that you can get more value for money. When you look at marketing this way, it can really be a great idea to continue digital marketing on the Gold Coast. What’s even better, when “normality” returns, your brand will be the first that pops to mind instead of other competitors, because you have been marketing the whole way through.

The Power of the E-Mail

Digital Marketing on the Gold Coast is often associated with strictly Google and social media. E-mail marketing has slowly lost its popularity, however, still proves to be a remarkable marketing tool. E-mail marketing is best utilised to communicate with existing customers or subscribers as such. Because you already have their details and business, you can tailor your campaign for more of a retention style marketing piece. With a vast majority of the population working from home, people are checking their emails more frequently than normal, meaning your email is more likely to be opened.

Adapt to the new “normal” 

Things are changing, so it is vital that you fully understand and adapt to these changes. When you understand how people truly feel and how they have changed their lives, you can tailor your marketing to these changes and truly appeal to the person. When a person feels something, they are much more likely to be impacted by your marketing piece.

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