Defining Introvert Personality

Posted by Trust care on September 16th, 2021

Many Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai have witnessed people who are quite introverted in nature and have a shy habit. These Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India, also have a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai in collaboration with them sending patients or underage drug addicts struggling with addiction issues. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai understands that the underage people are more likely to resist strong treatments because of their lack of experience and foresight regarding the addiction that will make their transition into adulthood very difficult as drug abuse creates a hard and long lasting impact which can also turn them into an introvert. On the other hand many Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India have witnessed the underage addicts to be able to find addiction starting from their homes and have then eventually been observed to be an introvert. Most of the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India have also witnessed that teens do have a very low capacity for impulse control because that the advanced portions of their brains have not yet developed and thus this remains the best option for their parents to send them off under professional care. Thus, what is an introvert personality?


Human Personality is surprising to us. Each individual is born with a different set of mind rules which reflects in their behavior from time to time. Some people can be very jolly in nature, some can be rude, some can be a bit shy etc. It thus depends on the society how to correct them from time to time instead of judging them. Categorization on someone’s personality can be done on 3 major bases. Whether the person is an EXTROVERT, INTROVERT or ambient.

Society often stereotypes introverts as hermits who live in a shack and leave money by the door so that they don’t have to interact with the opposite person. But No, introverts simply draw their energy from being alone, unlike an extrovert who feels energized after socializing with others, introverts love to socialize with themselves. There is nothing to be judgmental about it but the society reacts so badly like they have actually done a crime. Sometimes right from an individual’s home itself people start commenting on introverts to go outside and mingle with others. Mostly times it is the parents of one who ask their children to go out in society parties and force situations on their introvert kids who make the relation between the child and parents quite uncomfortable. As the parents do not tend to attend the fact that he/she is an introvert but tend to pose their comfort situations on them.

Introverts tend to-

1: Need time to recharge.

2: Introverted people tend to like small talks

3: They are better at listening than talking

4: They are quite reserved, quiet and calm

5: They are sensitive to their environment and get overwhelmed by too much external stimulation.

6: They are very observant and notice small details

But, it’s their own personal choice and being a positive society it should be one’s duty to respect their perspective give them space rather than judging on them. Their are some people who are introverts and that doesn’t mean that they dislike the human race or are anti-social or weird. It just simply means that they have a different way and perspective about their life.

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