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Before beginning your cabin crew training course, you need to complete the pre-employment training. This is often considered the final hurdle with your cabin crew course in Kolkata. Your offer of employment is dependent on you passing the training.

For many students, it will be their first \'hands-on experience of the job. However, candidates with previous experience of being crew should not get complacent either. This is because parts of a cabin crew training course will differ from airline to airline.

You might have to wait to complete the pre-employment and background checks and the commencement of your training. Some airlines also ask you to complete tasks online during this time. This usually includes e-learning courses.

Here we will discuss our thoughts on the pre-employment training process and what you can expect.


Costs Involved To Join A Cabin Crew Training Institute

The initial training doesn\'t cost anything upfront. Yet, there are certain expenses which you have to pay off the cost of your training.

Some airlines will give you a remuneration during the training period. This might also get deducted from your wages over a set period when you begin or start employment.

You might also have to pay (wholly or partly) for your accommodation and meals during the training. So, for example, an airline might cover your accommodation and breakfast costs. But they wouldn\'t compensate you for lunch or dinner.

How Long Does The Cabin Crew Training Last?

When you join a cabin crew training institute in Kolkata, the training will be completed in around six weeks. However, this is often considered a thumb rule. It varies from airline to airline.

Airlines who offer more choice in routes, and aircraft, may run a longer training course. But, again, this is due to more content that needs to be covered by your cabin crew training institute.

What Are The Things Included In A Cabin Crew Course In Kolkata?

There are mainly two parts to the training – service and safety & security.

Making sure that the passengers are safe onboard is the primary role of the cabin crew.

When you join the best cabin crew training institute in India, you can expect to cover the following:

  • Pre-flight safety drills
  • Emergency landing procedure (on land and water)
  • Use of life rafts and life vests
  • Cabin pressure loss procedure
  • Firefighting and control
  • First Aid
  • Emergency resuscitation/CPR
  • Use of onboard Safety Equipment
  • Conflict Management, and occasionally basic self-defense

The students also need to go through a wet drill. This requires the students to swim, practice survival techniques in the water, and climb onto the life raft. There is also a section on basic survival techniques. This includes information on how to do an emergency landing.

During your cabin crew training course, you would also learn about the specifics of each type of aircraft you will be working on. This includes their layout and where the emergency exits and equipment are located. You will also be shown how the doors work on each aircraft.

CRM or Crew Resource Management is an integral part of your cabin crew course in Kolkata. This is where the communication between you and your fellow crew members takes place. Good communication is mandatory to ensure that there is a low chance of miscommunication during any emergency.

The students are also provided training in customer service, passenger announcements, and onboard sales. This includes the extra duties you may have to undertake in different cabin classes.

In your cabin crew training institute in Kolkata, you would also receive advice on personal grooming. In addition, you would get to know how to conduct yourself as a representative of the airline.


Assessments For Your Cabin Crew Training Course

You will be assessed and tested after you are at the end of your cabin crew course in Kolkata.

Some bits of your cabin crew training course are exciting and fun. But, you will also need to put in the work. If there is anything which you\'re struggling with, or find unclear, speak to your trainers. They are there to help you!

Final Steps

After completing your cabin crew training course, you\'ll be given a date for your first flight.

You will typically work under supervision on at least two flights before you officially earn your wings! This is all your hard work and perseverance that will finally have paid off.

Advantages Of Working As A Cabin Crew After Completing Cabin Crew Course In Kolkata

Working as a cabin crew is something that many people wish to do. This is because it is a prestigious job, and there are many perks to this occupation. Some of the benefits you get after completion of your cabin crew training course are as follows.

You Get To Travel The World, And Get Paid For It!

Sounds impressive, doesn\'t it? If you\'re someone who loves traveling, there\'s absolutely no doubt that this is the perfect job for you. You get to travel frequently and see the world. The flight is obviously free! And the best part? You are getting paid for each trip. You\'ll be having a layover at each location you travel to, and the time frame varies from 20 hours to 70 hours.

If you have a domestic flight, then the layover is often short. But you will still have time for going to the beach, sightseeing, etc. You also get a meal allowance to cover some of these expenses.

Meeting With New People

It is the most obvious job of a cabin crew member to meet many people in their line of duty. This makes it a fascinating occupation! You also get to meet various athletes, celebrities, etc., traveling on your flight. Possibly, you can make friends with some of these people and build strong relationships.

If you are an extrovert person, you\'re likely to gather new experiences everywhere you go. So as you travel, you\'re also expected to meet locals in those countries and cities.

People usually don\'t have to go too far from their homes to their work. However, this is not the base of a cabin crew. You need to travel far and wide around the earth and meet people that you would not have met ordinarily.

Pretty interesting, isn\'t it?

Job Flexibility

In many other jobs, people have to work every week from 9-5. The weekends are mostly excluded. This allows for very little flexibility for the employees. However, there is much more flexibility for the cabin crew.

They can PTO, swap, and work within a schedule that they decide on depending on their level of seniority. In addition, different airlines permit different numbers of exchanges within a particular period.

Various cabin crew decides to stack their work trips to have some days off for themselves. Thus, cabin crew members may work full time over some time and then have up to two weeks\' break from traveling.


Ending Note

There are many perks while working as a cabin crew member, and some of these have been mentioned in this blog. If you are interested in working as a cabin crew, you should pursue this career with utmost interest.

This is a beautiful career that you can select for your future endeavors!

Happy Flying!

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