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Posted by harryjoy on April 25th, 2016

Freemasons or Masons are fraternity members of one of the world’s oldest organizations. This organization operates at an international level and has members all across the globe. Freemasonry is not a religious organization but to become a member of this organization, you must have faith in one supreme power. Freemasons are actually people, who believe in universal brotherhood and they also believe in taking initiatives to improve the morals of the society. Apart from all this, Masons also contribute towards community service initiatives in the city or town, where they live. The emphasis of the Freemasonry is service to the mankind. However, this organization has maintained secrecy about the elements of operation and membership.

Dress code is a very important part of every Mason's life and the aprons and collars that he wears is a symbol of his Freemasonry order. Masonic collars and aprons are an integral part of this institution and they have been a part of this organization ever since it was established. The oldest evidence of Masonic aprons was found in a portrait that was made in the year 1717. In early times, these collars and aprons were huge and they were not as lightweight as the modern versions are. The modern versions of Masonic collars and apron are quite different from the ones that early Freemasons used to wear. They are smaller in length and are easy to wear in comparison to the older versions.

Artistic prints and embroidery were not a part of these aprons and collars until 1760. However, soon few designers started the trend of incorporating designer patterns and colors in these aprons and collars. Nowadays, the Masonic collars and aprons available for sale in the market mostly comprise of bright hues and enticing designs. The golden trimmings and resplendent hues that are used for making these collars and aprons are in accordance with the hierarchy of the position, which the mason who will wear it holds. These collars and aprons serve just like badges and stars that you can see on the dresses of defense officers and policemen. They are also a mark of fraternal values; all the members of the organization have to compulsorily wear these collars and aprons when they are in the lodge. According to Freemasonry, these dressing elements are a mark of the historic heritage of the Masonic world that has been kept alive till date. Nowadays, you can easily find Masonic aprons and collars for sale online. There are many online stores that deal in Masonic goods and you can easily buy few online.

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