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Posted by Trust care on September 18th, 2021

The all-inclusive Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune has been on a serious rise in the past decade, aiming to heal the mind and body simultaneously. Elevating with a purpose to provide world-class treatment processes with the help of highly qualified counselors with an unique set of treatment programs, many Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune, provide an effective and a long-term recovery treatment plan for the individuals struggling with the issues of excessive alcohol consumption. Talking about the cleaning measures in these  Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune, mainly the food consumed by the addicts and survivors should be a must to look upon. To provide the best material for intake to keep the kitchen area clean, we will be pointing out some of the basic rules to keep the kitchen clean in your rehabilitation facilities.


Avoid cross contamination: Cross-contamination is a process in which the harmful germs and bacterias growing from food, spreads on the other foods, surfaces, or on equipment. This can be caused by many factors such as using similar chopping boards to prepare a raw chicken and then cutting the ready to use food on a similar one without washing it. Also, at times if any member of your family suffers from any kind of disease, then the risk of cross-contamination is very high. If the similar used utensils or other food items by the contaminated person are used by all, the disease will have a chance to spread among all. Therefore, one must use different cutting boards and utensils for cutting raw materials and should also separate the utensils and food items of a person suffering from any kind of contamination in the family.


Wash your hands & dishes properly: Your hands are the direct path to spread germs while cooking if not washed properly. All the cooking activities are usually done with your hands, therefore the contamination of certain bacterias settled on your hand can transfer in your food. Thus, washing your hands every time you enter the kitchen is the first and foremost task.


Have proper food storage: Always store your food items in a safe place. One should make sure to cover the leftovers or open food packets in a place where bacteria and germs cannot contaminate the food and it can be used for further consumption the next day. Many times, people do not cover the lids of the containers properly which gives access to bacterias and germs to feed and spread and also paves way for rats and cockroaches. Therefore, always secure the lids; double-check them to avoid the hassle.


Final thoughts


These centers in India, understand that every individual contemplates and suffers their own journey, which is absolutely painful and unique, therefore the treatment plan and research is also done in the similar manner. As most of the alcohol addicts do not even realize their sufferings and problems, they do not accept it as a sincere problem. Thus, the best way to help someone is to directly seek them with professional help. Thus, by keeping the surroundings active and clean around them will make them feel positive and also will keep them healthy in and out.



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