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Posted by Ople Asension on April 25th, 2016

Everyone has different feelings about playing Blade & Soul, I will give you some players'thoughts. I wish it is helpfull to the new players.

Part 1: The game is superb, the combat system is by far the best i've seen in any mmo. The graphichs are awesome, the locations and lore is great, dungeons are original with somewhat deep mechanics not just mash 2-3 buttons and win. However there are huge problems that take away from the experience, and for some make the game unplayable. The ammount of "fk this game and its cheaters rmts" complaints you see on this forum are not unfounded. People are mad because ncsoft proved they dgaf about the game. They are mad because they love the game and hate to see it being managed like this. So ask yourself, do you like to game enough to be able to put up with bots/ hackers/ optimization issues/ disconnects/ lag and p2w? If those don't bother you, play it, the game is superb in any other way. Even the haters (like myself) still love the game.

Part 2: That attitude is litterally every mmo subreddit.
Great game, Great combat, Great Arena/PvP
Hackers in Arena and in SSP (farming area) that haven't been banned ever. Same hackers from day 1 exist today.
Terrible budget servers in buttfuck middle of nowhere (Texas) which make the amazing PvP a total shitfest much of the time. EU servers suck too apparently.
Honestly since it's not like they are going to ever upgrade and move the servers I would recommend you pray the game dies and then get's resurrected under a better publisher. Unless you live in Texas AND don't experience the packet loss (people as close as a state over experience it depending on routing. The hosting is like level of shithost).

Part 3: Essentially, the game is "okay". I can't really describe it without appearing to lean towards one side or another, but I'll list what I can.
The positives about this game are that it's still very much thriving and still lots of fun to play. Focusing on PvE or PvP and not venturing out to the other will leave you bored out of your mind, but it's nice to dip your feet in every so often. With players still by the thousands, you most likely won't be caught seeing the same exact people in cross-server dungeons/PvP matches over and over.
However, the game is not very well optimized (as it's built on Unreal Engine 3), there's multiple bot issues that are being addressed at a snail's pace, and some other issues that can be seen by the complaints on this subreddit.
Overall, I'd say that if you want to be patient with the game, it would be fun to invest some time into it, but if you personally don't feel like the game is great or worth investing your time in, don't force yourself to do it. Most people that have a break from this game and then come back later when much more content has come out have a relatively easier time catching up, but they'll still be rejected in the beginning if they dive head-first into the newest content without any prior knowledge.

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