Phytoceramides: Are They An Actual Skin Tonic Or Trending Ruse?

Posted by NutriBolism on September 19th, 2021

”Phytoceramides”, a trending name in the world of skincare, has added up a new ingredient in the already existing long list.

Let’s explore whether phytoceramides are actually a miraculous thing that removes all skin problems in a go, or it’s just another fling rumor in the market.

We’ll begin by knowing what phytoceramides are.

What Are Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides is a term made by joining two words “Phyto” and “ceramides”. Where Phyto means plants and ceramides are the long-chain fatty acids that comprise almost 50 percent of our outer skin.

So as the terminology suggests, phytoceramides are ceramides extracted from plants that are supposed to substitute the damaged or depleted natural skin ceramides.

In contrary to synthetic ceramides, phytoceramides are considered to be more friendly to the body and also have lesser side effects.

Phytoceramides are known to reduce dryness, irritation, fine lines, and wrinkles. So let’s see, When Is The Best Time To Take Phytoceramides; if it does then how?

 How Do Phytoceramides Work?

The skin naturally produces ceramides. But that process can be affected by environmental factors such as cold weather, air pollution, UV rays from the sun, low humidity, stress and ageing.

When the ceramide levels get low, it allows moisture to escape and it also increases the risk of irritation and infections. Now to restore the ceramides, supplementation is needed.

This is the part where phytoceramides come in. Phytoceramides are natural plant extracts that help in the restoration of the natural skin ceramides and fight the signs of irritation, aging, and infections.

When any foreign particle enters the skin; our immune system responds to it. It leads to dry, rough, flaky, and inflamed skin. The condition becomes worse for people with eczema.

By adding ceramides to the skin with the help of phytoceramides, you create a skin barrier that prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from all other kinds of damages. 

Phytoceramides before and after the usage study suggest that it reduces skin dryness and are particularly helpful with people with eczema.

It cannot be authoritatively stated that consuming phytoceramides would certainly help your skin to get better. There are no solid research data on it. But these things do create protection for the skin and it has been felt by people who have used it.

Now let’s have a look at the ingredients commonly found in phytoceramide.

Ingredients Present In Phytoceramides:

Phytoceramides are packed with some quality components that are very beneficial for the skin. Some commonly found ingredients in phytoceramides are:

  • Vitamin A, C, D, and E
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Plant Sterols

All these are the reason why phytoceramide is such a treat for the skin. Phytoceramides reviews suggest that these ingredients can work wonders on the skin.

It’s time to get to know about the usage.

How Phytoceramides Must Be Used For The Skin?

Phytoceramides comes in many forms such as skin creams, food supplements, and phytoceramides pills. There are some food items also that contain phytoceramides.

Foods containing phytoceramides are:

  • soybeans
  • millet
  • wheat
  • rice
  • spinach
  • sweet potatoes
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • konjac

Though consuming phytoceramide has shown some results but it hasn’t been proven clinically yet.

Now let’s know the application method and when is the best time to take phytoceramides.

Usage Method Of Phytoceramides:

The ceramide skin cream can be used once a day, the best time to apply would be after a shower or bath. Don’t completely dry your skin; apply the cream to the moist skin to lock in the moisture.

The skin creams with phytoceramides help to create a skin barrier to lock in the essential components, moisture, and nutrients.

The phytoceramides supplements are also available in the market. These supplements must be taken once a day. They deliver the ceramides to the skin through blood vessels.

Ceramides work the best when they are in combination with the fats that are naturally present in the skin such as cholesterol, and fatty acids.

There are people with very sensitive and dry skin. They are very susceptible to skin irritation, inflammation, and infections. These are the people who should take phytoceramides supplements and use the ceramide cream as well.

The creams work instantly and provide fast solutions whereas, the supplements take time to show results but their results last longer.

The next section features some of the known benefits of phytoceramides.

Benefits Of Phytoceramides:

As the phytoceramides mimic the effects of the natural skin ceramides, they work efficiently even in your old age. Some visible benefits that you can experience after a few days of regular use of phytoceramide are:

  • Removes wrinkle: As we grow old, our skin gradually loses the capacity to produce naturally occurring ceramides. This results in lines and wrinkles all over your skin, especially the face. The phytoceramides restore down the necessary ceramide levels of the skin and repair the skin lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrates the skin: We’ve also mentioned this earlier. The phytoceramides lock in the moisture and keep the skin always hydrated. Due to the loss of ceramides, the skin can get dehydrated that can cause redness and rashes in the skin. The supplementation of phytoceramides gives your skin a healthier and shinier look.
  • Protects from UV rays: The UV rays are an enormous threat to the skin. They are the cause of many skin problems nowadays. The phytoceramides prevent the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays by making a protective layer.
  • Reduces aging spots: Most of the aging spots are caused due to the replenishing of the ceramides from the skin. The supplementation can effectively reduce the ageing spots.

In addition, the phytoceramides also clear under-eye-bags, and removes skin blemishes. Now the question arises, Are Phytoceramides Safe?

To say in simple words, they are safe. But they can cause certain side effects in some cases which are explained in the next section.

Phytoceramides Side Effects:

Anything in the world can’t offer you only benefits. Similarly with the amazing benefits of phytoceramides, comes the risk of certain side effects.

Some common phytoceramides side effects are:

  • Allergies
  • Skin irritations

If used in moderation and under expert supervision, these side effects won’t even peek into your window. Some people are concerned that; do phytoceramides cause weight gain? This is a question that has not any satisfying answer because there’s no trustworthy data available on it.

Now we have enough data to conclude.


Final Words

Phytoceramides are no doubt, a quality addition in the field of skincare science. They are a revolutionary component that has the potential to eliminate all skin issues if exploited correctly.

There are a lot of creams and supplements available in the market. You just have to conduct proper research and choose a product that’s right for you.


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