How to Stay Away from Online Scams

Posted by Michael Pederson on September 19th, 2021

These online scams look like landmines and are ready to explode on anyone who falls for them. These scammers can steal your identity and cash if you don’t know how.

Many of the websites you will find online are legitimate, and they offer goods and services with secure methods of payment. Scammers can create mirror sites on the original site to fool online shoppers into thinking they are actually at the genuine website.

This is the most common way scammers get away with it. They set up a site that is nearly identical to an existing one.

The scammers then run an email marketing campaign to promote the products sold at the site. While the emails appear to link to the actual site, the mirror site links actually take you to the scammer\'s site. All orders placed on the fake site don\'t exist and scammers get your money.

Similar methods are used to commit identity theft. These scammers send out emails that appear to be from well-known websites. These scams are also known as Phishing.

They obtain email addresses from many sources and send you emails asking for your updates at the sites they have copied.

Clicking on the link provided in their email will not take you to the actual site. It is a fake site that was created by scammers to look legitimate. Scammers will have access to any information you enter on this site, including credit card numbers and your address.

These scams can be very easy to fall prey to. However, there are some steps you can do to decrease your chances of getting caught up in these Online Scams.

1. You should not visit or shop on the site mentioned in the email.

2. 2.If you do visit the site, please read the email carefully and don\'t click on any of its links. Instead, you can open your web browser and enter the URL to the site. Then, you can check your account status.

Forward the email to the administrators if nothing appears wrong. This is a common email address for popular sites such as \"

3. Secure payments are essential when you use your credit card to buy items online. Paypal accounts are a better alternative to a credit card.

This way, if you are a victim of scammers, you will not lose the total amount of the transaction. However you won\'t have provided your credit card details.

Although scammers can be very clever and convincing, you should not fall for these tricks online.

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