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Posted by MN PARK on September 20th, 2021

4 Practices To Reduce Accidents In Labs

While elements such as poisonous chemicals, flammable liquids, and biohazard materials are essential for various scientific experiments, environmental safety is of top importance in the facility. If you are a manager of such a biological laboratory, you need to know safety rules and precautionary measures to avoid accidents. Here are the four practices to fulfill the safety goal. You can also look for the best biology lab for rent online for safety.


Organize your stocks

You should arrange the storeroom in such a way that you can instantly access the item without disturbing other objects in the surrounding area. Accidentally touching a test tube full of corrosive liquid at the time of retrieving an item can be too dangerous. Breaking a container not only contributes to injuries but also increases the maintenance cost of your practice. To avoid such an unfortunate event, find a lab equipment supplier that offers flammable storage cabinets for sale. You should stack all the similar items in a separate compartment in the storage. Be sure you don’t put incompatible substances close to one another.

Handle material with care

Sometimes researchers need to transfer the flammable substance from one location to another. In this process, the person must know the risk of accidents. The facility should provide material handling equipment like trolleys or forklifts to carry hazardous elements without stirring them up. That is why hiring a skilled professional is crucial when moving highly reactive chemicals and explosive materials in the lab facility. Start looking for the best biology lab for rent online for safety.

Remove defective items

The presence of a broken flask or an outdated thermometer on the workbench can lead to a multitude of disasters. If someone inadvertently picks the defective container to pour some chemical liquid, the bad consequence is inevitable. In the same way, measuring the temperature with a faulty thermometer is dangerous. You should keep a record of the warranty period of all these items to replace them at the right time.

Label your chemical items

Someone might have a degree in chemistry, but the person cannot identify all kinds of chemical substances without reading the label on the container. Every time you purchase a new batch of lab merchandise, you must put the name of the chemicals and expiry dates when storing them in the cabinet. The label on the container will help the staff to identify the items when retrieving them for various purposes.

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