Things to Consider Before Buying a Saddle Flask

Posted by JohnShooter on April 25th, 2016

Saddle flasks are a common sight among horseback riding enthusiasts. They are now often used outside of traditional circles too. It is a common accessory on hunting trips. You can also find them alongside bike panniers or rack trunks, an elegant alternative to tacky water bottles. It is perhaps for this reason that they are also called hunting saddle flasks. Saddle hip flask is another popular name, though they are quite distinct from a hip flask.

Saddle flasks are mounted on the saddle using a flask case, usually made from bridle leather. It will not topple or fall over when on the trail or road, but can be easily detached when needed. The leather case is also as important as a flask - it is the protective and insulating cover. This is what allows people to carry hot coffee or tea in their flasks in cold weather. They are generally used to carry spirits but one can store any liquid in them.

There is an incredible variety in the saddle flask market. A few of the traits are discussed here.

  • Types: There are two major types of saddle flasks. Ones made from metals like stainless steel or pewter and the other made from glass. Glass flasks are manufactured from borosilicate glass which is tough and resistant to shock. The terrain (whether it is rough or smooth) frequently determines the kind of saddle flask preferred. There is also a trend of luxury crystal glass saddle flasks and bespoke hand blown crystal saddle flasks these days. These saddle flasks are, quite obviously, highly expensive. They are crafted by skilled master craftsmen and leatherworkers. These are more akin to works of art than a water canteen.
  • Appearance: Saddle flasks cases are not very flashy as they are often used when hunting. Bright colors can alert the game, ruining the purpose of an early morning foray. Still, there are some collectibles available in the market in vivid red and pink. The overwhelming majority of these flasks are available in black, brown, nut, tan, bottle green, light Havana, and London tan. Pigskin lined suede leather comes in British racing green, navy, claret, hazel brown, and pillar box red. Even in fervid colors, saddle flasks exude a feeling of suaveness and sophistication.
  • Structure and Capacity: Saddle flasks come in two shapes – conical and rectangular. Flasks are fitted with a captive screw top so there is no worry about losing the lid. When full, the flask holds between 300-400ml (10-14 oz) of liquid so there’s always plenty to share.
  • Prices: Saddle flasks are available for different prices both in the online and retail market. Bespoke leatherwork including engraving and monogramming turns a saddle flask into a collector’s item and thus extremely expensive. Mass produced flasks and cases, on the other hand, are much cheaper. The quality and customization of the leather case can significantly increase or decrease the price of the whole flask.

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