Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Plan On For 2022

Posted by groupfio on September 21st, 2021

Time flies fast, especially in the world of digital marketing. It seems like you just planned your marketing strategy for 2021, and now it’s time to plan for 2022. The marketing world is dynamic and ever-changing – trends, technology, and tactics are never stagnant. That’s why it’s critical that your business stays up to date with new developments in the industry – after all, the last thing you want is for your business to fall behind while your competitors stay ahead of the curve.

Here are the Top 5 digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

Trend 1: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

“AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.” Techgrabyte.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been deployed as an effective digital marketing tool for a while, but as marketing strategy continues to evolve in the face of both the ever-flexing Google algorithm and the focus on real-time customer-centric brand journeys, it will become an increasingly important part of digital marketing in 2022.

Once a strategy used solely in tech-forward companies and retail heavy sites like Amazon, AI is a strategy now being invoked by sectors in banking, healthcare, field service management, and even small to mid-sized businesses.

AI is an important part of future-forward brands because it not only automates basic tasks like reporting on website traffic, it can also perform tasks like suggesting keywords to optimize your brand’s organic SERP results or use predictive analytic models built on past customer behaviors and purchases to inform product suggestions and personalized customer workflows. The level of personalized experiences that consumers continue to demand will necessitate brands utilizing AI in some fashion to ensure they are meeting the needs of loyal customers as well as attracting new clients.

AI is revolutionizing the way marketers approach digital marketing and businesses should consider using this technology as well.

Trend 2: Chatbots and Voice-Activated Tools

Digital assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are becoming more popular by the day.

According to industry projections, the market value of voice-based shopping will reach 40 billion by 2022, and consumer spending via voice assistants is also projected to reach 18%.

Many businesses have started using chatbots to help automate customer service needs for better efficiency when handling customers’ inquiries on social media channels, email marketing, and other online platforms.

Chatbots can answer customer questions with little to no human involvement from a company’s side.

Chatbot dialogue is typically powered by artificial intelligence (AI) which gives the chatbot an actual personality – this makes it more fun for customers to interact with companies using chatbots as opposed to simply communicating through social media.

Chatbots are an excellent way to provide customers with a personalized and enjoyable experience so they will want to interact more often with your company!

In 2022, businesses of all sizes need to have chatbots integrated into their digital marketing strategy to increase customer interactions on the web. Know more read our blog here :

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