What Makes Ratlami Sev So Awesome?

Posted by Indore Online on September 21st, 2021

Noshing on Indian savoury snacks can be the best pastime for most of us. We can do almost anything while eating namkeen. Reading books, watching the telly, listening to music or attending a webinar are some of the activities that go well with eating delightful snacks.

When it comes to choosing a snack, we have very many options on the market. However, only a few often make their way to our shopping trolleys. Ratlami sev namkeenis rapidly popularising and making a strong position in the shelves of snacks.

What makes ratlami sev namkeenso preferred?

1- It has the great taste of Indore

We Indians have a strong preference for great taste. We love eating a variety of dishes. However, the origins of all of the most popular dishes and snacks can be traced only to a few places in India.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh is a place known for its rich history of snacks if not gourmets or cuisines. Ratlami sev namkeenis one such snack that originates from Indore. It carries the authentic taste of Indore that can be reflected with every bite you swallow.

2- It is a versatile savoury snack

Snacks can be of various types. Some of them can be eaten as standalone eatables, whereas some can be used as food additives. Ratlami sev meets both ends in this regard. 

Be it a no-cooking day, when you do not wish to prepare food or just want a pack to satisfy your hunger pangs, Ratlami sev can be the best hunger saviour for you.

You can eat it on its own with a lips-smacking experience. You can also add it to a range of other snacks, namely dahi vara, ragra and a lot more; just sprinkle a hand full of it and get going.

What’s more? Ratlami sev can also be used as the main ingredient for cooking should you run out of vegetables for preparing a meal. Tossing some pieces of chopped onion, garlic and tomato and stirring on the medium flame will not take a lot of time either.

3- It goes easy on the stomach

India is the land of spices. We probably consume the most spices and that too of various kinds. We cannot resist the temptation of binging on spicy hot foodstuffs, especially snacks.

Nevertheless, not all of us are fond of consuming a load of spicy or perceptibly pungent and tangy snacks. Many of those who do not have a taste for spicy foods can also develop abdominal problems after consuming them.

The best bet for such people can be sticking to non-spicy, savoury food items. Ratlami sev namkeencan be a great option for such people; nevertheless, its rich proteinaceous content will not make you compromise with taste.

4- It contains no chemical substances with questionable health complications

Health is the priority for most of us. We often look at the caloric contents of food items we want to consume. Besides, the chemical constituents can also be a turn-off for us; naturally, many packaged snacks contain a lot of unwanted chemical contents, namely the most notorious—MSG.

Ratlami sev is intrinsically tasty and has virtually no presence of health-affecting chemicals. Despite this fact, it is a great side-meal for many of us.

Winding Up

Ratlami sev is one of the most versatile and choicest snacks that is rapidly popularising in the market. You can buy Ratlami sev online from Indore Online -https://www.indore.online/, a reputable dealer of savoury snacks. They sell Ratlami sev online along with a range of other snacks and ready-to-eat meals.

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