Things To Do When Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working

Posted by Secure for Sure on September 22nd, 2021

A garage door that is in good condition and functions correctly every day is a priority. If you are in a rush and late for work, your opener should be working correctly.

Here are the leading causes that can explain garage door opener problems.

Electrical failure

If a power outage has occurred in your area (or in your home only), deactivate your opener by pulling the emergency cord (red) and then lift your garage door by hand.

If you have a latch, lock the door with it. Remember to unplug your opener so that it will not be activated while the latch is on: this could damage your door or opener.

Power supply

If the amber light on the sensor/transmitter is not on, make sure the opener is receiving power, the sensor wire is not shorted or broken, and the toggle switch is has been wired the right way.

If the detector/receiver\'s green LED does not illuminate, verify that the detector wire is short or broken and that the changeover switches are aligned.

Ensure that the door control is correctly connected (a message will appear on the screen if the installation and wiring of the control have been carried out correctly).

You operate your transmitter remotely, and nothing moves

The battery needs to be changed. You can use the external numeric keypad, which works just like a remote transmitter.

If the door control does not work, the wires may be shorted, or the control may be faulty. Inspect the wiring of the safety reversing sensors and all staple and connection points. Replace or correct wires as needed.

You try to close the door, but it doesn\'t work

The most common situation is that of a misalignment of the photoelectric system. It suffices to replace the faulty box in a straight line with the other. Look on the wall control panel for a flashing light beam. This flashing will stop when the two boxes are correctly aligned.

You are a few feet from your door; you activate the transmitter, and nothing works

There can be three possible causes:

• The battery of your transmitter needs to be changed.

• You did not press the button long enough (two seconds minimum).

• There is interference in the signal. Make sure that the antenna of the opener is well outside the motor housing. If the problem persists, consult a professional (trained and experienced technician) in garage doors who can extend your antenna outside the garage for better reception.

Garage door that does not close / does not open fully

It is enough to adjust with a screwdriver the tightness of the screws of the \"up\" and \"down\" knobs, often placed on the side of the engine. Follow the manufacturer\'s instructions in the service manual, which you can easily find on the Internet if your opener is less than a decade old.

Your opening/closing system is boisterous

Often, parts of the system make the noise because the bolt holding them has come loose. Visually inspect all of the rooms to find which ones would make noise. Lubricate all moving parts to make sure they are working correctly and to keep them quiet. Doors with a chain lift system can be very noisy if the chain has come loose. The noise problem can also come from a broken spring or misaligned rails.

If you cannot identify the source of the noise, contact a garage door specialist for garage door opener repair.

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Remember that your garage door is the most critical moving room in your home. Have service every two years by a qualified garage door opener service technician.

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