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Posted by Amulyamica on September 22nd, 2021

For the past five years or more, laminates have dominated design trends. Laminates are commonly used as decorative materials in most modern homes. Trends, like everything else, fluctuate throughout time. By the beginning of 2021, the laminate designs had become much more elaborate and abstract. Their aesthetic and visual appeal has evolved, incorporating new themes and personalities. With these modifications, laminates are on their way to becoming a vital component of every interior design mantra.

As new homeowners in the modern period, the use of laminates has shifted from one centred solely on functionality to one based on both functionality and beauty. As a result, these laminate trends will shape design ideology for years to come! Here are the top seven decorative laminate trends that will dominate interior design in the coming years!

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?    Textured Laminates:

Natural textures have dominated the market in recent trends. People are bringing nature into their houses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, which has restricted most people to their homes. Natural laminate designs, such as the Monarchlam, are available in a variety of textures, including metal and fabric. They are frequently created based on the owner\'s specific needs. They provide a natural yet elegant ambiance to the office or home workspace.

?    Innovativeness:

Initially, laminates were often available solely in various sorts of hardwood textures. The miracles of modern technology have revolutionised the way we look at laminates these days. The name of the game is innovation. Different types of laminate surfaces enter the market every year. Chalkboard laminates, for example, are now available to add a rustic touch to schools, offices, and even homes. Buyers will be spoiled for choice as time goes on!

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?    More Vibrancy:

Color laminates are not a new concept. They\'ve been around for quite some time. However, the latest craze is for digital artists and designers to turn their ideas into laminates that can be used in a variety of settings. It is no longer a colour in the sense of a single shade, but rather a variety of patterns and works of art that are making their way into the laminate business!

?    Newer features:

Laminates have always had the extra benefit of making the surface beneath them much more stable. Laminates, on the other hand, now have additional features. Companies are attempting to make their laminates far more robust and resistant to various threats. Fire retardant laminates, for example, are now available! They contain compounds that slow the temperature shift. This extends the life of the surface and makes it more resistant to wear and strain.

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?    More colors:

Sandwich compact laminates have also begun to gain popularity in the contemporary market. These laminates have a variety of coloured linings around the edges. This not only makes them more stronger, but it also provides you more decorating alternatives. You can choose the colours based on the style of your home. It may also be used to line furniture to create a customised motif for your home decor.

?    Scandi Nest:

We\'re all aware of how stunning the scenery in Scandinavia can be. Scandinavian countries\' dwellings and aesthetic appeal of architecture match the beauty of nature outside. It uses several tones of white and pastel to produce a relaxing effect. Scandi Nest laminate design is all on clean lines and patterns. However, it will only be complete if the other Scandi Nest design elements are followed. The style should be dominated by white walls and wooden floors, with no clutter. The Scandi Nest laminate design helps you to unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Scandinavian countryside.

?    Urbania:

The elegance of urban dwellings\' contemporary and minimalist design concept cannot be stressed. The Urbania laminate catalogues are dominated by various colours of grey. To compliment the decor, furniture, and other similar things, it is combined with a minimalist design and simple yet elegant patterns. The use of urban laminates in the home adds a sense of confidence and refinement. The complete perfection in the combination of trendy yet understated elegance is one to invest in! This laminate design concept is not concerned with the short term. Urbania keeps its unique flavour while incorporating its beliefs. It will evolve over time to reflect market changes, but its core concept will remain consistent.

These are some of the trends that will be seen in the decorative laminate market in 2021. Although some individuals find it difficult to follow trends, there is always something fresh and fascinating that graces the market at different intervals. Finally, it comes down to what best expresses your design concepts and budget. Decorative laminates provide the buyer with an inexpensive yet simple option to incorporate a small element of their personality into their houses.

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