Vaporizers that work best with cannabis flowers

Posted by Ahsan on September 22nd, 2021

In the last few decades, cannabis vaporization technology has advanced rapidly.

In contrast to the days of modified heat guns, progress today is characterized by digitization, becoming more interconnected via the Internet of Things, and becoming more Swiss Army knife-style in design, since many vapes now feature concentrate mods, and some are programmed with special heating cycles that extend oil life.

In trying to do everything, some device designers lose sight of herbal vaporization\'s main goal: to heat weed to the point where the cannabinoids are volatile and pyrolyzed while providing a flavorful, satisfying, and effective experience.

Below, we review some of the top herbal vaporizers available, highlighting the devices that do a good job expressing herbal flavors.

Note: Prices may vary by retailer.

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  •         Tabletop herbal vaporizers
  •         The Volcano by Storz & Bickel
  •         Extreme Q by Arizer
  •         Cloudious 9 by Hydrology 9
  •         Mr. HotBox by Mr. HotBox
  •         Cordless & portable flower vapes
  •         ArGo by Arizer
  •         Solo by Arizer
  •         Tera by Boundless
  •         Eden and Gaia by Linx Vapor
  •         Grasshopper by Hopper Labs
  •         Xs GO by AirVape

Are you looking for vape concentrates? Find out which vaporizers vaporize cannabis oil and concentrates with this guide.

Vaporizers for herbal use on a tabletop

Even if you don\'t intend to leave the house with your vaping habits, tabletop devices offer a wide array of features and price points that cater to different types of consumers.

In terms of flavor, durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance, these larger vaporizers perform better than portables. Introducing everyone to social and solitary experiences while opening up new horizons of taste for connoisseurs.

Get inspired by timeless classics, price-slashing alternatives, and under-sung innovations.

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel

The best in class

The Volcano Digital costs 0, while the Original costs 0

Here\'s a quick glance at the features: vapor bag delivery system, forced-air convection heating, concentrate compatibility. The temperature can be controlled with precision using a digital display and LCD.

What’s to love?

The benchmark flavor

Socializing without stress

· Easy to maintain and operate

· Support from reliable manufacturers

What’s the catch?

· Price is higher than average

Enjoying a vapor bag with friends is one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. Let\'s start with Volcano.

With its origins in 2000, the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel\'s Volcano set a new benchmark for flavor preservation, cool social sessions, and powerful vapor effects. A key component to the Volcano experience is its forced-air, convection-based heating technology, which allows for a memorable cloud experience in your personal timeframe.

A uniform heat is radiated to the ground herb, which creates a plume of vapor that rises up from the bag. There is a multi-dimensional flavor and long-lasting effect, along with efficiency and potency in its delivery.

You will also find many videos on how-to pull great vapor on the internet so you shouldn\'t have any difficulty learning how to pull it from your maiden voyage onward.

Volcano Digital is listed at 0, while the Original is 0, taking the place of an analog version omitted from this list due to its LCD screen and digital temperature control.

Others do a good job at mimicking Volcano\'s functionality, but none of them match the Volcano\'s build, reliability, and legacy of manufacturing.

In the end, the Volcano is a great choice for those who prefer not to make compromises on their vaporizer purchase.

Extreme Q by Arizer

Best value

Price: 0

This product features instant heating, three forced-air speed settings, adjustable digital temperature control, a digital display, a remote control, and an aromatherapy attachment.

What’s to love?

· Better flavor performance than average

· Tabletop convection at an affordable price

Vapor control is enhanced by allowing fans to run at different speeds and by maintaining a precise temperature

· Delivery of vapor bags or whip clouds

What’s the catch?

· Better quality than more expensive competitors

· Cheaply made glass parts may have to be replaced in the future

In comparison to the Volcano, the Extreme Q produces an herbal vapor cloud similar in quality for less than a third of its price.

A vapor bag system is included with the Extreme Q, so the device uses convection heating, too. It\'s about the same pace and experience.

In addition, the Extreme Q comes with a whip for direct draws and a bowl attachment for aromatherapy, as well as a remote control that offers quick temperature control and variable fan speeds to enhance the forced-air function. With the Q, vapor production can be more controlled thanks to its three fan settings versus the Volcano\'s single fan speed.

There are reasons to consider the Volcano: the Q\'s build feels toy-grade compared to its pricier competitor, and its ecosystem of glass attachments and swappable parts could use improvement in terms of durability and craftsmanship.

The brand has, however, been around for quite some time, and they have full lineups of replacement parts for all their releases, so I have come to expect great flavor and exceptionally reasonable prices from Arizer. The Extreme Q is no different.

Cloudious 9 by Hydrology 9

Water filtration integrated into the system

Price: 0-199

Featured in: 5-set pre-set temperatures, porcelain heating chamber, concentrated compatibility, anodized aluminum body with borosilicate glass.

What’s to love?

· Water filtration and cooling

· Practical carry case and attractive design

· Cordless functionality and portability

What’s the catch?

Percentage of flavors that are average

Inconvenient operating procedures

Inline water filtration is at the core of the design of the Cloudious 9.

With five temperature settings, a porcelain heating chamber, and a steel pad included, this sleek and stylish cylinder features anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass. A colorful light show occurs when the vape is in use, and I also really like the carry case it comes with -- high-quality leather, attractive brass buttons, and quality stitching.

In spite of the fact the Cloudious 9 is difficult to imagine many out-of-house applications for it, it is battery-powered, has an Apple-inspired design, and the case is designed to enhance both portability and fashion.

What are the downsides? A steeper-than-average learning curve and unintuitive operation are to be expected, along with a firmly average flavor experience - awesome for a few hits with a good chance of popcorn afterward.

You\'re in good hands if you\'re looking for comprehensive water filtration, an attractive design, and a fun experience and don\'t mind sacrificing some flavor with the Cloudious 9.

Mr. HotBox by Mr. HotBox

Best crossover vape

Price: 9.99

A glance at the features: titanium herb oven with e-nail capability, removable external heating coil, LCD screen for digital control, add-on quartz and titanium nail attachments for concentrate compatibility.

The water pipe is not included.

What’s to love?

A flavor performance that\'s best in class

Filtering/cooling of water

· Materials of high durability

· Made in the USA, with American-made devices

  •   What’s the catch?

· Formidably priced

· Learning curve that is steeper than average

Contains no glass bong, bubbler, or similar device

Look closely at the Mr. HotBox flagship tech if you\'re primarily an extract consumer but want something that really kills it with flower.

As an excellent e-nail, the Mr. HotBox features a flower attachment that transforms the control station and coil into an herbal convection vaporizer for putting into a glass joint with a 14mm or 18mm female connector.

Inventor-machinists, hand-built in Washington state, devised this flameless torch technology with dabbers in mind.

To pull adequate vapor from the Mr. HotBox, it does take some experimentation and a few bowl packs, but the rewards at the end are well worth the effort: cool, tasty vapor that has rewritten my personal standard for flavor preservation and overall satisfaction.

With such a high vapor quality, industrial-grade materials, and hand-built American manufacturing, it\'s not surprising that this device costs so much: 9.99 will get you the herb oven kit. There is a separate sale for titanium and quartz nails.

You can use Mr. HotBox\'s payment plan or financing options to help you get over the price barrier.

Cordless & portable flower vapes

It is difficult to identify an ideal portable flower vape, mainly because devices get smaller and compromises are made.

You wouldn\'t want to carry around a pocket-sized device that produces good flavor and effects. Since these devices are battery-operated but not exactly pocket-sized, I\'ve started referring to them as \"cordless\" rather than \"portable.\"

While cartridge technology challenges the utility of the once groundbreaking flower vape, these devices must become smaller and more innovative to gain a competitive advantage.

Today, you do not have to choose between portability and flavor, or vice versa. Whether it is size, build quality, performance, flavor, or price, these contemporary achievements can satisfy your personal priorities.

ArGo by Arizer

Truly portable convection flavor

Price: 5

It has the following features at a glance: heating by convection and conduction, full digital temperature control, LCD display, concentrate/oil compatibility, pocket portability, battery swappable, carrying case included, and interchangeable glass vapor paths for ready-made vapor.

What’s to love?

With a pocketable device you get the best flavor performance in the market

Price that is competitive

The glass vapor paths and carry case are included

  •         What’s the catch?

There are people who don\'t like plastic

For the uninitiated, draw resistance and corresponding technique can present a learning curve

Until I tried the ArGo, the newest portable vape in Canadian manufacturer Arizer\'s lineup of price-slashing, flavor-preserving flower vapes, I thought that truly pocketable flower vaporizers were merely capable of making popcorn smoke and burning your lips off.

When I discovered that Arizer\'s ArGo did flavor without compromising usability, I was entirely delighted to try it. The ArGo is a truly portable flower vape that offers a satisfying, flavor-rich experience with its affordable price tag.

A glass tube filled with herb is mounted inside a heating chamber, much like Arizer\'s Solo and Air models.

The ArGo retains flavor throughout the vapor cycle by combining conduction and convection heating technology. First hits hold the most flavor, while the rest deliver the remaining terpenes and cannabinoids slowly.

Although the plastic construction might not be for everyone, the ArGo is a superb flower vape that easily slides into any pocket.

Solo by Arizer

Best cordless flavor for the money

Price: 0-0 depending on retailer

It offers convection and conduction heating, seven preset temperature settings, interchangeable glass vapor paths, aromatherapy dish attachments, and a carry case.

What’s to love?

· Excellent performance in terms of flavor

· Pre-set temperatures that work

An affordable price


What’s the catch?

Battery cannot be swapped

Despite being cordless, it is too big to fit in any pocket

Arizer\'s Solo is the best flavor for the least amount of money. Arizer\'s combined convection-conduction heating technology and interchangeable glass airpaths make it the cheapest vape on the market and it does a surprising amount of good when it comes to flavor and functionality.

Its seven pre-set temperatures, cordless functionality, easy maintenance, and moderate to high flavor preservation make it a perfect device for around-the-house sessions-and despite its name, the Solo is perfectly shareable.

An upgraded version, the Solo II, with a larger display, LCD screen, and swappable battery, is available for an extra . Personally, I prefer the flavor of the original Solo, and if you\'re looking for a budget vape that delivers outstanding performance, I can\'t recommend it enough.

Tera by Boundless

Top pick for cordless convection

Price: 0

The following features are at a glance: Convection heating, full digital temperature control, LCD display, concentrate/oil compatibility, water pipe attachment, swappable battery, fast charging and heat-up times.

What’s to love?

The flavor performance is excellent

· Quality construction

· Swappable batteries

· Competitive pricing

· Low learning curve and no special techniques required

What’s the catch?

· Uncomfortable to carry in a pocket

A smaller device provides similar performance to a larger one

As one of the few top-loading cordless convection vapes that excel at expressing flavor, the Tera is also one of the easiest vapes to master without a prior understanding of vaporizers.

Based on the Tera\'s swappable battery, water-pipe and concentrate compatibility, digital temperature control, and speedy charging and heat-up times, it is priced much higher than competitors at 0.

While the Tera is marketed as portable, it is too bulky to be easily stowed away in a pocket or purse. The true portability of other devices on this list is higher.

Feature-rich, contemporary vaporizers offer standout convection flavor and beginner-friendly operation for less than 0 less than competing products.

There are two runner-ups: Ghost MV1 (better build quality and materials, plus smartphone connection for 0 more), Mighty by Storz and Bickel (convection version similar to benchmark--but at 0 more).

Eden and Gaia by Linx Vapor

Affordable, attractive, pocketable convection

Price: for the Eden, 9 for the Gaia

Features at a glance: Quartz herb chamber for convection heating, glass vapor path for concentrate compatibility, speedy heat-up time for quick sessions. Gaia only: full digital temp control, LCD screen. Eden only: four pre-set temps, single-button operation.

What’s to love?

· Pocket-sized portability

The best price possible

Materials of high quality

· Excellent build quality

The taste is solid

What’s the catch?

There are other places where you can get better flavor

Design innovation can sometimes be overshadowed by underdeveloped aesthetics. With Linx\'s collection of truly portable, fashion-forward flower vapes, you won\'t have to compromise.

As a result of a convection-heated quartz chamber and a glass vapor path, Linx products offer quality flavor with attractive, paint-free finish. The Gaia and Eden both make use of this flavor-preserving technology.

A Gaia can be tucked away in your palm with ease, but the Eden is a little larger—think of a squat Highlighter, but with better flavor and a more reasonable price tag.

For 9.99, the Gaia offers a digital control panel with an LCD screen, while the Eden doesn\'t have a screen but offers four preset temperatures with an extremely competitive price of .

These two stand out for their build quality, outstanding taste at low temperatures, and portable design sense. If you choose an Arizer or Boundless device, you might get slightly tastier vapor, but either you\'ll pay a bit more, trade metal for plastic, or lose true pocket portability.

The Firefly 2 and MIVA 2 were runners up

Grasshopper by Hopper Labs

The best choice for stealth convection

Pricing: 5 for stainless steel, 5 for titanium

The following features are at a glance: Pen form factor, convection heating, stainless steel or titanium body, magnetic charging ring, silicone lip protector, temperature dial enables adjustments from 266°F to 410°F.

What’s to love?

· Better flavor performance than average

· Extremely portable

· Extremely durable

· Easy to maintain

  •         What’s the catch?

Battery cannot be swapped

· Mouthpiece becomes hot

Hopper Labs\' Grasshopper has taken up permanent residence in my backpack for the past few years.

The pen\'s form factor and executive styling make it virtually invisible next to my writing tools, and unlike other flower pens, it employs true convection heating for much better flavor.

The specialized design is made by an ex-aerospace engineering team in Colorado. It is built from stainless steel and titanium with a variety of color choices, and it has a magnetic charging ring.

Please keep in mind that the mouthpiece can get very hot to the touch, so it\'s recommended you use the included silicone lip protector. However, newer devices offer cheaper and more portable alternatives that rival the Grasshopper\'s portability and functionality.

Xs GO by AirVape

Best price-slashing portable


This model has the following features: top loading, partially isolated ceramic herb chamber, five preset temperatures, conduction-convection heating, stir tool integrated into the lid, ergonomic handle, 45 minutes charge time, and easy controls.

What’s to love?

· Extremely portable

The operation is simple and easy

· It\'s not a big deal if you lose it

What’s the catch?

· Poor build quality

· There is a lot of plastic

· Average taste

This is a device you\'d want if extreme portability and affordability were your main concerns.

Xs GO retails for . It is roughly the size of a lighter. It offers a reasonably priced alternative to competing portables, such as the PAX 3, that can sell for hundreds more and perform similarly from a vaporization standpoint despite app-enabled controls.

Considering the price, the tradeoffs shouldn\'t come as a surprise. The plastic-like build quality feels a bit cheap when compared with other AirVape devices. Moreover, if your milling, packing, and temperature settings aren\'t spot-on, the flavor experience is fairly average.

Even though the Xs GO isn\'t as tasty as other options on this list-and certainly not as durable-its low price and portable form factor seem almost destined for festival season or weekend getaways; a formidable bargain compared to more feature-rich devices that offer similar flavor and functionality.

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