Reasons to Purchase a Customised Ez-Link Card

Posted by Sarah Addyson on September 23rd, 2021


People are giving up paying with cash, because it is not always convenient, they need to have money around, change for public transportation, to pay for parking, and more. Not to mention that many merchants, supermarkets, public transportation, provide the possibility to pay using a credit card. There are many types of cards available nowadays, many offered by financial institutions, but also directly by merchants to allow quick and safe payments. You can buy Ezlink card directly from a sales point, or you can choose a customised Ez-Link card for a better approach.

Why Get a Customised Ez-Link Card?

Is it worth getting a customised Ez-Link card? Some people think the effort is too much, because they need to purchase or order the card online, then choose a design for it, and then wait for shipping. However, providers make the process very easy and convenient, and they manage to impress their clients, because nothing compares to having a personalized card. When you think about it, you don’t have too many opportunities to customize credit cards, because their designs are standards or you have some basic options, depending on the institution that offers them.

Having a customised card is highly beneficial, no matter if you use it for personal or business. For instance, maybe you want a unique card for yourself, to have around, find it easier among others in your wallet or bag. You can choose any design, because you have to upload it to the website, and wait for the printing process to be over. On the other hand, many businesses view this as an opportunity to advertise their products and services. They personalize cards for their employees, partners, and clients, and succeed in their marketing efforts to attract more views and increase brand visibility.

Where to Find a Customised Ez-Link Card

The card can be purchased from different locations, but you are unable to personalize it on the spot. The main idea is to find a company that specializes in such services, like , and provides customised designs. This way, you can choose the type of design you want on the card, follow the steps on how to access services, and then wait for delivery. If you have an image in mind, you need to read instructions and make sure it has the necessary resolution and size. In order to be printed perfectly, you need to follow guidelines, because they are clearly shown on the website.

Another great benefit to having a personalized card is that you can state clearly that you are the owner. Once it has your details on the card or a picture that relates to you, then no one else can claim it. Not all cards can be personalized, especially credit cards, because financial institutions don’t care about this aspect too much. However, it makes a difference when someone allows this and the best part is that with a customised card you truly believe it is yours, because it has your personal touch on it. Until it expires, no one can grab it and claim it is theirs.

You can offer a customised Ez-Link card to your friends and family, and you will establish a great connection with them. If you are looking for a good present idea, this is it. The card is both useful and unique, because you put a lot of effort into making it more personal. Families can use the card when travelling together, eating out, shopping, and once they have the same design on the card, they feel more connected. If this applies to families and friends, imagine the impact the card has over businesses. You can grow the company with marketing efforts that include customised cards.

In fact, you can provide cards to your clients, as a reward program, or you can give them to employees, so they can use and promote your business in the same time. You have to think about the design in this case, what to show on the card. Maybe your company’s logo, the motto, color schemes, something that represents your image. Of course, you can promote yourself, especially if you are self-employed. You can even give out cards to followers and organize competitions. There are many advertising strategies that work, and they can include the cards.

Where to Buy Ezlink Card


You can  buy Ezlink card  card from different locations, because they are sold across the island so that everyone can have easy access to them. For instance, you can purchase the cards from bus interchanges, MRT stations, ticket offices, 7-Eleven stores, and from the online shop. The card has a pre-paid amount on it, and you can use it for travelling or shopping, but you still need to pay for the card and you are unable to use the entire amount.

There are many reasons to buy Ezlink card and use it while getting around the city, as a resident, but also as a tourist. As soon as you arrive at the airport you can purchase it and use it when you have the chance, because you don’t have to rely on cash and worry that you don’t have enough on you. It is more convenient to pay using the card, and you can top it whenever needed, directly from the application.

If you rely a lot on public transportation, and you need to pay for parking as well, shopping, meals at restaurants, you know it is not always easy to rely on cash, because you don’t always have enough or the needed change. Instead, you can buy Ezlink card and use it for contactless payments. It is more efficient, you save time, and you have a clear understanding of all payments.

When you buy Ezlink card, you get peace of mind knowing that you are able to do all payments. For example, if you forget to pay for public transportation, or you don’t have money on you and try to sneak in, you will be penalized, and it is not worth the trouble and the change you must pay.

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