Sanitization Contents for a Hygienic Rehab

Posted by Trust care on September 24th, 2021

The need to keep the patients safe in the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai, the Drug Rehabilitation Center in India, came as a whole and has distributed several hygiene maintained products to these Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in India has distributed over more than +75 veggie wash bottles, hand sanitizers and sprays to over 23+ Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in India states that using these sanitization products would remove all the harmful chemicals or pesticides which are present in the environment and will go away which may have the ability to form a negative impact on the body of the patients who are already fighting with the addiction problems.


The types of products are as follows:


Defense Veggie Wash


Defense Veggie wash is a perfect solution for hygiene and wellness removing the harmful pesticides, making your vegetables and fruits 100% clean. Consisting of a naturally derived surfactant from cornstarch, it keeps your veggies healthy, fresh, and microbe-free.


Get 100% clean and microbe-free vegetables and fruits with naturally derived surfactant from cornstarch, keeping your veggies fresh and healthy, only with Defense Veggie Wash.


Wait! Do you also want your fruits and vegetables to be fresh, healthy, and microbe-free? Then use Defense Veggie Wash, it is a naturally derived surfactant from CORN STARCH that keeps your fruits and vegetables the way you want.


Defense Liquid Hand Spray


Stepping outside your home? Don’t forget to take the Defense Liquid Hand Spray with you to spray away the pathogens from your surroundings. The spray is infused with 80% of alcohol protection, natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Neem, and Lemon and is also safe to be used on hands.


Defense Hygiene Cleanser


Sterilize your surroundings and hands with the Defense Hygiene Cleanser which is made with the power of Neem for germ-protection, Aloe Vera to soften your hands, and Tulsi. It also consists of 72% of alcohol that helps to purify your surroundings from microorganisms present in the environment.


Defense Fogging Liquid

Hey! Do you want your own complete personal hygiene solution? With Defense Fogging Liquid infused with Silver ION Technology, you can eliminate the harmful airborne particles right away.


Defense Salon Guard


Get instant salon sterilization with Defense Salon Guard. It contains the anti-rust formula and is the 4th generation ammonium compound delivering a quick action against the microbial organisms present in the environment.


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  • Remove all the chemicals from your veggies with Defense Veggie Wash. We Believe in Pure, and Healthy.
  • Carry your protection in your own hands with Defense Liquid Hand Spray.
  • Make it a clean scene with an all-new Defense Fogging Liquid. Health and Happiness, just a spray away.
  • Sterilize your surroundings with the Defense Hygiene Cleanser as diseases are not a good company.
  • Get a trendy luxury stroke of cleanliness with the all-new Defense Salon Guard. 


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We care for a healthier life with neat surroundings. With our all-new range of Defense Sanitization products that are induced with powerful ingredients and new technologies, get your surroundings well-sterilized in seconds.






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