A Complete Overview About Thread Lifts and its Advantages

Posted by Alvin Smith on September 24th, 2021

Summary - This article sums up thread lift and its advantages over facelift surgery. It includes the procedure, precautions, and guidelines related to it.

Over the years, we have all been facing issues related to saggy skin, or as we call it, skin laxity. To prevent this, the most common option is facelift surgery. However, people are a bit hesitant to give it a shot; hence, a new way is developed to address this problem which is known as thread lift. We will read about thread lift, its types, how it works, and how it is designed. We will also look at the affordability of thread lift cost in India and why we should choose this over facelift surgery.

Thread lift takes much less time for recovery as compared to a facelift. Facelift surgery requires patients to rely on someone to take care of them. They need to take an off from their work for around a week or two to heal completely. Patients who undergo thread lift procedures do not need to worry about work loss as care and recovery don’t take much time.

What is a thread lift?

In layman\'s terms, thread lift is the alternative solution to facelift surgery. In facelift surgery, there is a need to remove the patient’s loose skin, but here it can be done by simply stitching up the saggy portion of the patient’s skin. The stitching results in the skin getting pulled back slightly, which results in tightening of the face. The threads combat aging in a different way, and the healing process of it makes the body direct more considerable amounts of collagen to the treated areas.

Collagens play a massive role in the aging process. It is the protein in our body that helps in strengthening our skin and also helps in elasticity and hydration. However, as we grow older, our skin becomes less supportive to the tissues underneath it, which results in the skin stretching in the downward direction. Here the infusion of fresh collagen improves the skin laxity and prevents it from getting worse. In addition, the stimulation of collagen will improve the skin tone, firmness and will also help in hydration. The key benefit is that it will give progressive success to the ongoing condition of the skin, which will be less intensive.

Different thread lift procedures

Nova threads and Silhouette instalift threads are the two procedures we will discuss here. These are approved by the FDA for curing saggy skin, and both of them produce incredible results. So, let us have a look at them one by one:

  1. Nova threads

Nova threads are made from PDO, which is biocompatible in nature. Therefore, it helps in the safe re-consumption of the body. They remain intact for about four to six months, but we can expect the result to last for a year or more. This long-lasting effect is because of the infusion of collagen into the skin. Many varieties come under this thread for their respective purposes. Barbed sutures are for gathering skin, and, on the other hand, the smooth and curved sutures are for the lift, but they provide excellent collagen stimulation. It is a rapid process, it hardly takes 30-45 minutes, and after that, the patient is free to move.

  1. Silhouette instalift threads

Similar to Nova threads, this is also biocompatible and helps in lifting the face. The only difference is that it focuses more on lifting the skin than on collagen stimulation. Here the threads contain sutures that are cone-shaped and act as a grabber for gathering more skin to bring out the practical result of the skin lift. It provides a long-lasting effect that can last for three years. The procedure takes around 45 minutes, and sometimes it can result in swelling or soreness for a few days.

Thread lift costs in India differ from what type of thread is chosen to perform the surgery. If you have a doubt regarding which thread lift procedure may go well with your budget, Dr. Mohan will give you insight into thread lift cost in Mumbai.

Advantages of Thread Lift

  • Facelift surgery can be invasive in nature, but thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that results in low risk.

  • The most significant advantage of thread lift over the facelift is that it is affordable and easier to perform.

  • For price-sensitive people, this is the best option. The cost of thread lifts depends upon which thread the patient chooses.

  • Thread lift provides a natural look that is suitable for people who are at the initial stage of saggy skin.

  •  It is also safe for people who are dealing with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion - Before taking any action, consult a doctor for extra safety. After performing thread lift, there will be no bleeding or severe injury. It will bring out the smoothness and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It will provide a natural young look that can last for months and a year. For facial thread lift, consult Dr. Mohan Thomas. He is well known and double-certified in general cosmetic surgery.

Resource Box - Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics is known for cosmetic procedures that can make you look and feel youthful. Dr. Mohan is a certified plastic surgeon with a doctorate and post-doctorate degree from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He has won many awards and honours in his many years as a cosmetic surgeon. 

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