Reasons For In Home Health Care in Erie, PA and Tifton, NH

Posted by IndependenceCarePA on September 24th, 2021

Many children feel obligated to help when their elderly parents become too frail to handle their lives as competently as before. Unfortunately, most of them live too far away to visit their ailing parents, who may be battling illness, injury, and memory or mobility issues. The best way to set one’s mind at peace by ensuring proper care and support for a senior citizen and loved one would be to hire experienced home care assistance in Erie, PA, and Tilton, NH.

There is no set pattern to the responsibility that such a caregiver undertakes, however. On the contrary, it depends on the present physical and mental condition of the patient and the wishes of the client. Some of the things that a capable caregiver usually does are sure to include:

Assistance with daily living- An older person plagued with the problem of declining memory is often forgetful. Others find it extremely difficult to attend to their daily chores necessary for maintaining hygiene. Most caregivers may need to lend a helping hand when it is time to wash, dress, bathe or groom the patient. A neat appearance boosts the confidence level of the patient too.

Housekeeping- It is not strange to find senior citizens living alone. A caregiver can provide the right support even when the concerned individual is fit both physically and mentally. Tacking housekeeping such as vacuuming the rooms, making the bed, or clearing the garden path of snow in winter becomes too taxing for the weakened individuals. The care provider can provide the proper assistance, even taking care to complete the tasks if needed.

Cooking Simple Meals- Eating out is an activity that is strictly discouraged by doctors once the patient has passed a specific age limit. The caregiver who assists with day-to-day living can take on the role of a chef as well. Simple yet nutritious home food can ensure health for the client. Associated tasks such as grocery shopping, prepping before cooking, and doing the dishes afterward are handled by the professional, thus minimizing the risk of injury for the patient.

Companionship- A necessary yet often overlooked part of caregiving is companionship. Most older adults tend to be lonely but fail to do anything as they are too ill or weak to venture out of their homes. A caregiver at home can double up as a companion too and spend time reading to the patient or playing board games. The hunger of the mind is thus satiated with the senior citizen not being too bothered about the lack of friends, namely members nearby. A mind that lacks for nothing strengthens the body too. The patient may go on to live much longer without medication.

Most people are reluctant to leave their homes during the twilight years. Making arrangements for in-home health care in Erie, PA, and Tifton, NH can help to improve comfort and ensure independence for the patient without overlooking medical care as advised by the doctor.

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