The Magic of the Drug Disinfectant Sprays in Rehabs

Posted by Trust care on September 25th, 2021

The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune are all using the germ free Drug sprays as after the pandemic wrath the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune are all looking out for the utmost safety of their patients. Not only the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune are looking after their patients\' addiction problems but also are on the move to help them be hygienic using the disinfectant sprays.


Germ Kill Drug-Based Disinfectant Spray 250 ML Per Bottle


  • The Germ Kill Drug Based Disinfectant Spray has the power to kill 99.99% of germs and bacterias present in our surroundings. The spray can be used on various objects such as doorknobs, office, kitchen, washrooms, delivery packages, floors, etc. and can also be used on your hands, as it is completely safe and causes no harmful effects to the skin. It quickly dries after use leaving no stain and is quite safe to use on hard and soft surfaces.


  • The Germ Kill Drug based disinfectant spray contains more than 60% of ethyl Drug which helps to destroy the germs and bacterias from all kinds of surfaces, as it changes the structure of the proteins making up the bacterias accordingly. Also, the disinfectant spray contains glycerine and Aloe Vera extract which acts as an antioxidant and also has active antibacterial properties. It also contains strong immunity boosting and moisturizing properties.


  • One can easily use the spray by just holding it upright close to the surface and spray on the surfaces. Let the surface dry for a minute to complete the sanitization. Your surface will be germ-free and completely sterilized. Also, the disinfectant spray is only for external use. Do not use the spray on electrical items, hot surfaces, polished surfaces, or on acrylic plastic items. It is highly flammable in nature and should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • The Germ Kill Drug based disinfectant spray is a GMP certified product. GMP certification stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a system where products are produced, controlled, and managed according to the quality standards of serving to the public, without causing any side-effects. This system is specifically designed to minimize the risk which can be involved in any cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, medical devices, dietary supplements, and more.


  • The Germ Kill Drug based disinfectant spray completely eliminates the risk of any disease-causing bacteria in your surroundings and also leaves a pleasant and sweet fragrance which will make you feel refreshed and comfortable. It contains dual active ingredients providing long-lasting protection with a non-sticky effect which requires no rinsing off. 


Product Description: The Daily Defense Fogging Liquid-Fumigation Solution is a liquid solution which transforms into a gaseous fog infused with SILVER ION TECHNOLOGY. It contains a sweet and pleasant smell and is specifically certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is also Cosmos Natural certified. The fogging liquid also works as a mosquito repellent and consists of an unique U.S. EPA ingredient which is taken from the special Covid-19 ingredients list and is approved by the U.S. Environmental agencies. It kills almost 100% germs and bacterias in your surroundings and is completely made of natural and ayurvedic products without drops of Drug. Fogging liquid can be used in offices, houses, gyms, schools, colleges, restaurants, and much more.




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