3 Different types of Fashion Photography

Posted by DougHolt Photography on September 27th, 2021

Fashion photography studio is a popular field of photography, but it\'s also quite competitive. Understanding the many forms of fashion photography may provide you with the edge you need to both comprehend the industry and wow potential customers with your photos. The many forms of Still life photography NewYorkare, in a nutshell.

  1. Photography for Catalogs

The simplest of the three fashion photography types is catalog photography. Its goal is to sell clothing, and the outfit is the focal point. It\'s a fantastic location to start in the realm of fashion photography before moving on to other types of photography.


Product photography is a form of catalog photography. The presence of a model is the only major distinction between catalog and product photography. Despite this, the attention is still on the apparel.The images\' backgrounds are generally plain–the most prevalent hues are white and grey. There are few props and only a few accessories. To show off the clothing, the models usually stand up straight, however they may adopt varied positions to highlight details such as pockets.

  1. Haute Couture Photography

People regularly see high fashion on the covers of their favorite publications. However, high fashion implies well-known supermodels infrequently exaggerated postures, a sometimes ridiculous outfit, and all aspects, including hairstyles and setting, combined to produce a faultless image from the photographer\'s perspective. However, achieving that perfect appearance is a difficult task.

You\'re continually faced with tough decisions about location, lighting, models, dress, hair, and so forth. Even though most of it has been determined for you, you must still put it all together in a way that appears elegant and inviting. One of the first things you should do is think about the tone you want to convey via the shoot. It\'s not necessary to be very precise, and you don\'t have to keep to it if inspiration takes you somewhere else, but it\'s a nice place to start.

3. Fashion Photography on the Street

Urban fashion, often known as street fashion, is generally considered the polar opposite of Haute fashion. Alternative fashion is a subset of street fashion–grunge and hip-hop are examples of trends that eventually became a mainstream street fashion.

The aesthetics of street fashion are rougher than those of haute fashion. It comprises items that individuals wear daily, such as jeans, shirts, and hoodies. It also covers clothes that are exquisite in appearance but not in comfort. Rather than models, photographers that specialize in this approach frequently photograph normal people on the street. However, you must be cautious while obtaining permission to photograph individuals on the street. As numerous street fashion photographers will attest, the rules aren\'t always obvious.

Catalog photography may be your bread and butter while you pursue a career in editorial photography, which allows you more creative freedom. Perhaps supermodels from the world of high fashion are more your thing. If not, it\'s possible that the real-life photos of individuals on the street are to blame. Whatever the case may be, the world of fashion photography, while difficult, can be quite rewarding.

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