6 ways to fuel romance at Clearwater

Posted by Parth Shah on September 27th, 2021

Imagine an evening with the sun setting on the horizon, leaving the sky blushing with its touch, narrating an eternal love between them. You hold your beloved\'s hand, watch this love story unfold, and a gush of Oxytocin makes you two lock your lips. The sea breeze caresses your faces, infusing an extra dose of passion. 

What ignites the romance further is the idyllic setup of Badfins Food + Brew\'s private comfort patio, giving the fascinating view of Clearwater Beach. For lovebirds like you, this can be a fairy tale ensuing into reality. 

All you need to do is plan a trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida. It is famed for tranquil water, expansive stretches of white sand, and a plethora of activities. Whether you are a newly-dating couple, honeymooner, or married for years, this place has plenty of possibilities to fuel your romance. 

Let\'s embark on a tour and explore various options to get romantic here. 

Six Romantic Things You should do in Clearwater

Here’s a list of must-do things in Clearwater.

  1. Adventure to spark passion\"Badfins+Happy+Hour+Promotions\"

Love and adventure have a unique equation. When stirred together, they create an intense excitement among the couples in love. No wonder every year, lovers frequent this beach to give an adrenaline thrust to their romance. 

Enjoy an exhilarating ride in the world\'s largest speedboat, moving at high speed across the water of the Gulf of Mexico. There are also rental waterskiing and jet skiing services. Hire one and go on an adventurous ride with your partner. 

For those who love fishing, this place offers some of the best experiences. Book a fishing tour that usually takes you into the middle of the sea, giving an offbeat thrill. Adventure enthusiasts mustn\'t miss the customizable helicopter tours available here. One can select the duration, time, and various sights such as the entire stretch of the Clearwater Beaches, Sunshine Skyway, Snell Island, etc. 

  1. Music melts the hearts: Live Music in Clearwater Beach, Florida

There are moments when spoken words fail to convey, but music works as the cupid. If you want to experience it, then you must tune into the live music at Clearwater Beach

From contemporary music halls, alfresco band shells to cozy clubs by the sea, the venues playing live music suit the taste of varied musical genres enthusiasts. It can be a popular touring band, a mesmerizing jazz rendition by local artists, or even a symphony orchestra. 

Find yourself a cozy spot, settle and just let the music take over your senses. 

  1. Flavors to stir romance

The way to a man\'s heart is through his stomach, is an adage we all know. But it wouldn\'t be wrong to state that food is gender-neutral and can be equally aphrodisiac for the man and woman in love. 

The Badfins Food + Brew, one of the world\'s best Mexican restaurants in Clearwater Beach, vouch for it. Their menu has some of the best passion-rousing food prepared with oodles of love. 

Drawing inspiration from the contemporary St. Petersburg art scene and culture, Badfins Food + Brew has a distinctive vibe compared to the rest of the eateries here. Indulge in its mouth-watering seafood spread serving exotic dishes. Try 3 Cheese Quesadilla, Tuna Tostada, Florida Nugz, Surf & Turf, Ay Papi, and Cuban B from its menu. For dessert, go with Fudge Sundae or Strawberry Shake. 

Fan your passion for your love by trying its casual beach dinner. The starry-eyed ambiance can surface that romance gurgling in your heart.  

  1. Laidback love on the sea

For couples who prefer laidback romantic experiences, Clearwater Beach has a lot to offer. One of the highly recommended activities is taking any of the sightseeing cruises. Pick the daytime option to get a sun-kissed tour, letting you explore the city as the cruise meanders through the water. 

Similarly, some cruises host a romantic affair as the sun sets for the day. Move away from being terrestrial beings and metamorphose into aquatic, nocturnal party animals as you embark on any evening cruises. Luxuriate in the gastronomic extravaganza, get tipsy and let loose by participating in dance, music, and a host of live entertainment activities aboard. 

There are also cruises dedicated to spotting dolphins. Another one-of-its-kind experience is a night-sea tour on a glass-bottom kayak lit with LED lights. Secure your place with your partner to paddle under a star-studded sky and see beneath a rich aquatic ecosystem comprising grass flats, sandbars, and spectacular sea life thriving at the ocean floor. 

  1. Land of passion and amorousness

There are plenty of ways to spice up your romance on the land. Perhaps, nothing works better than sunbathing by the beach. The soft white sand soothes the eyes and lets you get intimate. 

The next option can be exploring Pier 60. Standing tall at 1,080ft., it is a unique fishing pier. Meanwhile, lovebirds who bond over art, the Mural tour in St. Petersburg City and the Dolphin Trail are worth a visit. 

  1. Spirits to lift your romantic soul

The blend of sea, beach, beloved, and favorite heady drinks make it a perfect recipe to brew romance in simmer. The bars in Clearwater Beach are witnesses of many love stories blossoming and intensifying over drinks.

If you are puzzled about the best spot, then let Badfins Food + Brew be your host. Apart from its drool-worthy edibles, it has an array of local craft beers and wines. The craft beers collection covers the finest picks from all over the country, besides extraordinary attention to Florida breweries. 

Moreover, there is always something new on the menu of the day. Don\'t miss its artfully handcrafted cocktails made with 100% fresh ingredients. A few popular choices are Flori-da Marga-da, Bad A** Mojito, Mimosa, and Piña Colada – Frozen Cocktail.  

So Ready to Explore Romantic Clearwater?

Clearwater Beach at Florida has repeatedly proven its charm and bagged an array of accolades to its credit. It won\'t be an overstatement to call it the Garden of Eden of passion and romance for couples in love. And amidst this perfect heaven, Badfins Food + Brew is the best bait to experience the local vibe and romanticize your senses with food, beer, music, and nature\'s beauty in abundance. 

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