Madagascar Vanilla Beans: Sweet & Creamy Flavor Perfect for Baking & Cooking

Posted by fitnclean on September 28th, 2021

Vanilla is one spice that grows within 10-20 degrees of the equator. This is the main reason you will find most of the vanilla beans are available in Mexico, Madagascar and Tahiti. Amongst them, Madagascar vanilla beans are highly aromatic with chocolate-like flavor and even expensive too. Madagascar is located in east of the South Africa and the bourbon islands include a number of islands such as Comoro, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar and the islands of Reunion.

Just like wine, coffee and chocolate of different countries have different flavors, the same is the case with vanilla beans. Based on country of origin, curing methods, climatic conditions and vanilla species, their taste vary. Let’s take a look at flavor profile of Madagascar beans.

Flavor Profile: Madagascar vanilla beans have a heavenly aroma and are rich and creamy in taste. These beans are also known as bourbon beans but they do not contain bourbon essentially. Unlike other countries, these beans are hand pollinated and sell at higher prices as compared to its counterparts.

Amongst all producers, Madagascar is top producer of vanilla beans meeting 2/3 of the global demands. The full, creamy, sweet and mellow flavor make them ideal to use in scores of frozen desserts, cooking as well as baking. Baked dishes encompassing strawberries, peaches or apples blend magically with Madagascar beans. Even one can enjoy its aromatic flavor with egg and fish-based dishes.

Shelf Life of Madagascar Vanilla Beans

The shelf life of these beans is maximum 2 years when stored properly. For prolonging their shelf life, keep them away from air and moisture. If you receive the beans in a vacuum-sealed bag, do not touch them till the time you want to use them. In case you are using them, store remaining beans in an airtight container. Many homemakers prefer storing vanilla in an air-tight container. Plastic containers are good option but they rob away its aroma and flavor over time. Therefore, store them in a glass container.

What to do with Dry Beans?

When you purchase Madagascar vanilla beans from local stores, you get dried product. Especially, when you use them after one or two days, they become drier. In such cases, take one chance to rehydrate them by soaking in warm liquid like warm water or milk for a few hours. This practice may bring some life in your dried beans.  When you receive beans with mold growth, need not to panic in such cases. There are chances to save them by separating moldy beans from the right ones. Wipe them with a clean cloth or paper towel and then again wipe them with a high-proof alcohol. After this process, allow moldy beans to completely dry and store them separately from the right beans. Even after doing this practice if mold reappears or grown inside the pod, throw them right away.

That’s why it is advisable to purchase fresh and organic Madasgascar vanilla beans from reputed suppliers. When you purchase fresh beans, you have the option to use them in a variety of ways and even store them for future use. So, make a purchase of fresh beans only.

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