Chauffeur Driven Cars for That Extra Bit of Christmas Class

Posted by andy Mccoy on September 28th, 2021

Here is an idea: why not treat your clients with particular reverence this Christmas? If you are having them out to dinner, or to a show - fill the package out nicely by sending and returning them in chauffeur driven cars. Christmas and New Year are traditional times when business people do their best to impress the clients they have, both long term and new - and to reward any partners they may be in cahoots with. Now that investment is a real premium article, with businesses that do not know how to keep investors sweet losing money a lot quicker than they used to, the art of impressiveness should be top of every managing director's Christmas list. Following a few simple tips and tricks could be the difference between securing another good quarterly contract, and missing out on the investment capital you needed to make your next move in terms of corporate expansion.

Gatwick chauffeur service  can arrange this for you and will even carry all of your shopping bags at the end of the day. Shops that should not be missed include Selfridges, Claridges, Harrods and Harvey Nicols.

So here's how. Some free advice, as it is nearly Christmas, on the best ways to use chauffeur driven cars to get your message across subtly. Subtle is number one watch word, actually, so take note of that - the first thing you want to do is give your intended chauffeur hire company a test run to make sure that they do understated elegance just right. What you do not want is some whacking great bling machine that makes your client feel like an R n B star. Unless, of course, he or she is an R n B star, in which case go right ahead. No, for normal business use you want a car that is clearly expensive and full of quality, without yelling to everyone within a five mile radius. You want quiet and confident rather than brash and noticeable.

Make sure that your chauffeur driven cars look like they might actually belong to you. You know you have hired them, we know you have hired them and your clients probably know you have hired them too. But that is not the point. The point, really, is that you have gone to the trouble to get the right car, and the right driver, and have done so in a manner that suggests class without actual mendacity. You are not pretending the car is yours, or the chauffeur - but you have made the effort to hire a car, and a chauffeur, that fits with your company image.

You can actually hire chauffeur driven cars that allow you to specify colours, both inside and out and for the chauffeur's uniform too. Do this. That way you can be seen to pay attention to detail without being to overt about it all. Again, the art here is subtlety. Be subtle and your clients will be impressed. Go over the top and they will think you are vulgar.

Go as impressive as the occasion demands, but not over the top. Again, subtlety is key. What would be the point, for example, in hiring a concierge chauffeur to take someone out to a show they already have tickets for? Tailor your chauffeur driven cars to the event, and you will win every time.

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