Chairs: the Secret Bain of Wedding Planners

Posted by aaarents on April 26th, 2016

Wedding planners rarely forget seating twice. Why’s that? Because forgetting to bring the perfect chairs to a wedding reception is about as bad as forgetting the food and drinks.

But for some reason, wedding planners bring the wrong seating quite often.

The “wrong seating” doesn’t mean barstools or ottomans instead of chairs; it simply refers to chairs that aren’t comfortable to sit in for the duration of, say, a heartfelt speech or a multi-course meal.

Uncomfortable seats make people stiff. If after dinner comes dancing and fun, but everyone is stiff and unexpectedly sore, tired and cranky, the fun is diminished considerably.

The comfort of the guests’ chairs is as important as the visual appeal. You’ve got to have both.

And the difference it makes might be so subtle that no one even knows the chairs spoiled the evening. It might not even feel like a “spoiled” evening to most of the guests; it may just be that they feel unexpectedly tired after the meal. They may not even blame the wedding planner. But that doesn’t mean that the night could have been much better.

Certainly, a wedding is an event where everyone ought to be wowed from beginning to end. A wedding planner whose clients walk away at the end of the night with glowing smiles gets the most positive referrals. A wedding planner whose clients are merely “satisfied” gets a “satisfactory” reputation—instead of a “stellar” one.

Chair rentals are usually a thankless effort; most people don’t notice them until they are noticeably uncomfortable. So always, always, ALWAYS know what kinds of chairs are going to be at your event. A venue that regularly hosts large gatherings may offer to provide chairs, but be sure to test them out yourself. You need to know exactly what you’re going to make people sit on.

If the venue’s chairs aren’t comfortable enough for long sitting times with elderly grandparents, don’t be afraid to let your clients know. If you need to rent chairs from somewhere else, do it.

As the planner, you’re the one in charge of making sure everything is perfect. And if seats are less than perfect, the whole night is less than perfect. Don’t treat the chairs as an afterthought. Make sure they fit the aesthetic theme and make sure that people can sit in them without hurting when they stand up.

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