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Posted by 911HazmatCleanupCA on September 28th, 2021

Losing a loved one tragically by homicide, suicide, or an accident can leave one devastated. The crime scene reminds one of the horrific incidents with the mind going numb and in shock. The law enforcement authorities and media personnel are sure to swarm the area leaving one with little chance to do anything about it.  Contacting a team of professionals for blood clean-up in Oakland and San Francisco, CA, becomes imperative as doing it singlehandedly s not recommended at all. While the mental frame of the victim’s family members would not be fit enough, the risk of being contaminated by blood-borne pathogens is even greater. It is, therefore, best to rely on a team that has the requisite expertise and years of experience in dealing with such clean-ups.  

The team of professionals is sure to arrive immediately for blood spills remaining on the floor can be highly hazardous, causing the entire family and the onlookers to be infected with deadly microbes. A blood spill that occupies more area than a conventional dinner plate would need to be cleaned meticulously with special equipment.

The tried and tested ways of removing every stain and spill caused by blood, and bodily fluids involve the following methods:

Blood On Bare Floors

Most crimes are done on the bare floor, with the surface soaking up a portion of the blood as soon as it is split. The professional team would be adept at removing every trace of blood from tiles, vinyl, concrete, linoleum, and cement with equal ease. Decks and pool sides that are not absorbent would be rid of the ungainly and harmful stains/spills. Apart from special equipment, the clean-up team will make use of the right cleaning products as well. While bleach is the most commonly used product, heavy-duty cleaning products with proven results are often employed to remove stubborn stains.  The cleaning team will make sure to remove their clothing and equipment from the premises and clean the floor once again before leaving the area.

Blood on Carpets

Almost every house uses carpets or similar floor covering today. Blood is definite to reach into the delicate fibers and ruin them. While vacuuming over the spill is recommended, most professionals use disinfectants and heavy-duty cleaner to reach the hardened blood spills. Gentle shampoos may be employed to protect the expensive rug more often than not. Sometimes, the team advises the residents in the home to send the carpet/rug to be dry cleaned. It is likely to be a time-consuming process, and the professionals may decide to get rid of the soiled caret if it happens to be heavily stained. Disposal of crime scene objects would have to be done following OSHA safety practices as well.

Blood on Furniture

An upholstered sofa or chair sporting blood spills can be dealt with easily. The professional team removes the outer covering and asks the residents to have it laundered or gets rid of it. Wood, metal, and other hard surfaces are cleaned in the same way as a bare floor.

It is essential to hire professionals for crime scene clean-up in San Francisco and Sacramento, CA. The team complies with the regulations and follows the safety guidance advised by OSHA, DOT, and EPA.

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