Understanding The Importance Of HOA Board Training

Posted by Diamond Community Services on September 29th, 2021

The people in charge of running a homeowners association come together to form the HOA board. This board is the one responsible for several matters, including budget planning, communicating with the homeowners, enforcing laws, managing disputes, and overseeing maintenance projects. The members of the board are individuals from the community who volunteer to do the job. At times, they get elected or appointed, and they remain in charge of maintaining the curb appeal of the entire community while protecting property values. Now, the success of the community will depend upon the ability of the board. Naturally, training the members is of the utmost importance. Here you’ll learn why Community Association Management Phoenixville specialists root for training regimes for the board members.

Fund management

If you’re a member of the board, then it’ll be your job to take care of the finances of the association. Just like third-party Association Management Companies Phoenixville, you’ll be planning the yearly budget, approve expenses, track the spending, maintain records of all transactions, and create financial reports. You’ll even have to bear the burden of collecting all dues and settling the accounts of defaulters. At first glance, these tasks may not seem too challenging, but once you start, you’ll realize it’s not as simple as it first seemed. You must learn how to plan the budget, record financial transactions correctly, and create financial reports. These aren’t things you can leave to chance, and if you do, homeowners won’t be happy with you.


Proper communication

Communicating properly is a skill that some people inherently possess. It’s also an essential tool in every homeowners association. Board members have to keep in touch with all the members of the community. You have to keep them informed about announcements and updates, including notices concerning meetings, alterations in specific rules, hikes in fees, etc. Offering an official notice isn’t just common practice but also mandatory. Government documents or state statutes will contain information concerning the same. However, things won’t stop here because communication isn’t a one-way road. Just as you would inform the members of the community, you have to keep the channel open to ensure they can disclose their concerns and thoughts. Unfortunately, without appropriate training, you won’t have any idea about setting up communication channels.

Dispute handling

Homeowners associations comprise members, and they’re human beings. They’ll have unique values, viewpoints, and personalities. Naturally, squabbles and arguments aren’t uncommon. Neighbors will fight, residents will conflict with each other, and board members will disagree on specific decisions. Disputes will eventually go beyond all expectations if left unattended, and it isn’t easy to handle disputes if you aren’t aware of the right tactics.

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