The Healing Force Behind Reiki Energy Healers

Posted by Gbfr on September 29th, 2021


Reiki energy healers are those who practice the healing art of Reiki without any attunement with a Master Reiki. This type of Reiki practitioner does not need to have any prior experience with Reiki to heal others. When practicing Reiki, you don\\\\'t meditate. It\\\\'s not a religion. It\\\\'s not even a healing art. It\\\\'s simply a simple method to help others in need.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction which promotes spiritual healing. It is mostly administered by the placing of hands on a person and is based around the idea that an unseen life force energy circulates through all of us and is what makes us alive. When this energy is disturbed or otherwise negatively impacted, ailments and diseases can manifest. If we are willing to open ourselves up to receive and channel this positive energy, it can heal us both physically and spiritually.


There are basically two types of Reiki, the ho style or hands-on healing and the sitting style or laying on your back style of energy healing. Each style has its own benefits and dangers. The Reiki practitioner either lays their hands on the individuals or places their hands under the persons back or floor, whichever feels comfortable. The person undergoing the healing can then lay there until the feeling of discomfort or illness is over or when they decide that it is time for them to get up and move.


The benefits of Reiki are not just limited to healing physical injuries or illnesses but also include psychological and emotional healing. This is why so many people seek Reiki treatment after being the victim of some type of trauma. Many practitioners believe that one\\\\'s life energy matrix can be disturbed or disrupted by events that occur during the course of one\\\\'s lifetime and for those who have undergone some type of trauma, the disruption may have lasting effects. As the energy healer heals the client, they not only relieve the client of the pain that they are experiencing, but they also help them develop a sense of peace and inner strength.


During sessions of hands-on Reiki, the practitioner will use their fingers, thumbs, palms, and even their toes to stimulate the needed energy points on the client\\\\'s body. In doing so, the practitioner is helping to release blocks or negative energies from the client by stimulating the appropriate point or area on their body. In the sitting position, the Reiki energy healer\\\\'s hands are placed under the belly button and through the energy channels as they gently work with the meridian channels by focusing on them. They will also work in a sitting position for as long as the patient wishes to receive the healing power.


If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful healing technique, there are several books and videos that you can purchase today. One book is called The Inner Power by Sang H. Kim, and it is definitely a must read for anyone that wants to delve into this type of healing. You can also find more information online about Reiki energy healers, including their names, how they perform their ceremony and the different symbols that they use during the session. Other websites provide information about Reiki symbols as well as Reiki healing techniques, including the proper placement of the hands on the body of the patient. As well, many websites offer to give you the name of a professional Reiki healer in your area, whether they specialize in this form of energy healing or not.


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