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Posted by Danyking on April 26th, 2016

World of Warcraft is already one of most popular games on the planet, not only because of its exciting story lines, but also because of the new expansions that are added regular. In August, fans will be introduced to a whole new expansion. Legion, the sixth that Blizzard has provided since the game went on sale. World of Warcraft gold on sale on

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The new expansion will be available August 30, with fans being able to start pre-ordering now. There are two different versions that will be available in the pre-order. The Standard Edition will cost while the Digital Deluxe Edition is to pre-order now. The Deluxe edition includes a demon dog that will be your pet. You will also receive the Illidari Felstalker mount, and other in-game benefits for other games, including Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft2, and Diable3, all of which are Blizzard products as well.

For those who choose to pre-order there are other benefits as well. They will receive the ability to boost one of their current players up to as much as level 100, plus they will have access to the Demon Hunter class ahead of those who wait until the expansion is available on the shelves. Blizzard is also offering one more perk.

Those who purchase the Collector’s Edition, which will sell for , will receive all the stuff that comes with the Digital Deluxe edition, as well as a hardcover art book, a two-disc set with behind the scenes information and tips that is available for both Blu-ray and normal DVD, a copy of the soundtrack on CD, and a Legion mousepad. This version will only be available in stores or online after the game is released in August.

Since its creation in 2004, World of Warcraft has quickly emerged into one of the most popular games that is played. In 201o there were more than 12 million players who were subscribers, but that number has fallen to a low of 5.5 million just last year. While millions are still playing the game, the decline in subscribers has led many to believe that WoW may be coming to an end soon. Some even thought that there were to be no more expansion packs, but Blizzard is looking to hush the crowds of doubters by continuing to put out packs that will keep the players happy. Blizzard has also announced that they will no longer release numbers of subscribers.

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