Choosing the Nutritious Rabbit Food for Your Bunny

Posted by Brenda Ana on September 29th, 2021


Just like humans, pets require and enjoy good and nutritious food. It is a general rule that if you want your pet to be happy and healthy, you need to invest in high-quality products that offer great nutritional value. No matter if you are looking into rabbit food, cat or dog food, parrot, small animal food, you have to know as much as possible about the brand, read the labels, and take the right decision. Among the top choices out there, Ziwi Peak dog food seems to be among top preferences, and there are many reasons to explain why dogs love it.

What Rabbit Food Offers

Rabbit food is very important for your bunny’s health. Not only those certain types offer high nutritional value, but also wear down the constant growing teeth. Fresh hay needs to be always available for them, and it is essential to find a brand that offers high-quality products, so you can rest assured that your furry friend enjoys delicious hay throughout the day. There are different types of hay to look into, based on your bunny’s age. Timothy, oat, and grass hays are suitable for adult bunnies, while young ones require alfalfa. It is important to stick to this rule, because alfalfa is not suitable for adult rabbits, due to the high sugar and protein content.

Hay is essential for bunnies because it provides the fiber needed for good digestion and help wear down teeth. If you want to teach your bunny to use the litter box and position it in a certain location, you can place hay at the end of the box, because they tend to eat and relieve themselves at the same time. If you want to spend less on hay, you can buy it in bulk and have larger quantities available. Especially if you have several rabbits, you can purchase a higher batch, because it will run out soon enough. Many pet owners in general like to do this, to save money and make fewer trips to the pet shop. Once they find a quality brand, such as Ziwi Peak dog food, they buy the product to last for a while.

Where to Purchase Rabbit Food from

It is not required to go out and pick hay with your hands, you can purchase rabbit food  from a specialized pet shop. This way, you know for sure that your bunny is receiving the best food, and you are assuring it complete meals. Alongside hay, you can buy pellets as well. The condition is to make sure they are fresh, because nothing annoys rabbits more than stale pellets. Make sure they are low in protein and high in fiber, and you should limit the intake based on your bunny’s age.

High contents of protein lead to obesity, because indoor bunnies don’t exercise too much, they don’t run to burn out the extra fat. Pellets should be clean, meaning without treats inside, such as dried corn, because they lead to digestive issues. Considering that every pet enjoys treats, giving them occasionally is not harmful, especially if they are high-quality and nutritious. What you find around the house is not suitable for your furry friend, especially chocolate which is toxic. Carbohydrates found in pasta, crackers, bread, cereal, cookies, are not recommended and you should not provide them.

Fruits are recommended in small amounts, and you can consider some of them suitable for rabbit food. They should be washed, and some of the best choices include apples, bananas, strawberry, raspberries, and pineapple. Vegetables should be part of the daily diet, and when you purchase them, make sure they are fresh and free from pesticides. Bunnies love an assortment of leafy greens and vegetables, such as basil, parsley, cilantro and celery, dill, carrot tops, broccoli leaves, lettuce, and mint.

When you plan to change the rabbit food, make sure you do it gradually, otherwise your bunny will become resistant and refuse to eat. Start introducing new food along with the old one and gradually increase the portion of the new variety. Observe how your pet reacts, if the stools become too runny it means you are changing the food too fast. The amount of dry food you provide depends on your bunny’s age, amount of exercise they get, where they stay, and their size. You can combine hay, greens, and dry food daily.

If your bunny spends most of the time indoors, without doing much exercise, then focus more on hay and decrease the amount of pellets, to avoid become overweight. On the other hand, if your bunny is outside, including in colder months, then increase the intake of pellets, because they need the energy to stay warm. You can always observe how your bunny reacts to a certain rabbit food, and if you feel something is not right, change their diet and try new products. Luckily, pet shops offer a great variety.

Why Try Ziwi Peak Dog Food


All dog lovers are worried about their pets and want to make sure they receive the best food to thrive and live for as many years as possible. There are indeed many products on the market and it can be overwhelming, which is why it is best to read labels, ingredient lists, and reviews. One brand that does not disappoint is  Ziwi Peak dog food .

Ziwi Peak dog food sources ingredients from sustainable local farms, it is air dried, and offers a complete and balanced meal. 95% of the ingredients contain fresh meat, bone, seafood, and organs and 5% consists of necessary vitamins and minerals.

An important aspect is that Ziwi Peak dog food does not contain carbs, which are often the cause of health issues, including skin irritations, and allergies. A special ingredient you will find in the products is Green Lipped Mussel, which sustains joint health. The air-dry technique preserves the meats, and there is no need to use artificial preservatives. You can rest assured that there is no bacteria in the food, and all nutrients remain intact.

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