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Posted by Danyking on April 26th, 2016

The players know, "Elder Scrolls 5" vampire how change back? The following is small to give us a player to share the "Elder Scrolls 5" into a man vampire fastest method of presentation, with small series with a look.

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First make sure you have measured before the evolution to the fourth embodiment had an archive! This is the premise, otherwise delete files in it. If the archive, even if only a few minutes away from the final form and some rescue.
1, first quickly call up the command station (determined without instruction station People who rebuild it ...), enter the set timescale to 0, that is the time to stop. I was in time: 3: 25AM
2, if the wine of the dead until now have not received the task of purifying the vampire, rush to the left "Falkreath" City boss looking for the next task. Then do not use large map! ! ! Because of the time suspended, with a large map will jump the game will be an unresponsive state, it can only be forced to end the game. You can only run, I want to say is, you want to run fast, first with the console into the dragon roar cooling 0. Code: player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0 Do not tell me you did not teach gray beard whirlwind of energy! And then continue to lose tcl, then press Z to close the console does not move on their way towards the purpose of it! The "wine of the dead" to find the boss, choose "Recently there any rumors you." More dialogue several times, will receive "The Rise of the Dawn."
3, then go to find Fali Ang Mo Saer dialogue. Hurry as above - in fact, as long as the task is activated, an arrow toward the buildup on the line. Find Fa Liang, he will let you give a dark soul stone empowerment, this process get out of tune code directly. Code: player.additem 2e504 1 and then continue to talk to him. Proceeds to this step, Fa Liang you about a secret place in the middle of the night meet.
4, the focus here, first of all, please archive! Do not worry, the following will say. Because of the need to make time to go up will go to Fa Liang. The opening time is bound to have the final form from getting closer, if the evolution to the final form, Fa Liang will see you cut your. Therefore, before restoring the flow of time, open the console to type tdetect, closed artificial intelligence, now you can blatantly broke into every house suck the blood of the NPC. Prevent evolution! To prevent the key NPC hang on next task, please do not be too solid, caught a NPC suck. Note that the vampire can not stop the evolution of 100%. So the best after an appointment with Fa Liang archive. And before the vampire, the best time to confirm turned, for example, I have evolved to a fourth aspect of time is PM9: 05, if the point of time after sucking the blood has not yet turned over the eyes see red, then congratulations, you successfully stay in the third form.
5, open ctl, accelerated to the purpose! Fa Liang arrived at this time and place agreed upon, once again open the console, type tdetect open AI (sure! Otherwise Fa Liang did not see the option to complete the task), then the time to return to normal. Code: set timescale to 7 this is the game default flow time. Next, the T key 1 hour and 1 hour and so on Fa Liang. Fa Liang about AM5: about 00 appeared.
6, the end of the ceremony ...... Congratulations, you become a man! As for the dragon roar cooling time, we want to keep to keep, no CD's do not want to change it themselves. Code: player.setav shoutrecoverymult X "X" is the dragon roar cooling time.

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