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A cat offers so much joy and you never get bored with one around the house. They are always up to something, they like to play, observe, sleep, purr, and they have such great personalities. Pet parents need to look after them, to provide quality food, and invest in quality litter, especially if they want to clean less, to choose an eco-friendly product, and be easier to carry. Crystal cat litter is highly beneficial and worth purchasing for your purring companion. The litter box will be easier to clean, and you will know when it is time to dispose the crystals. Pair it with quality and nutritious food, such as Ziwi Peak cat food, and you have a winning combination.

Why Buy Crystal Cat Litter

Buying cat litter is challenging nowadays, because there are so many options, and you will discover that brands have their own formulas. Some versions are unscented, while others scented, some are better accepted by felines, but at the end of the day you want to choose a product that is safe and easy to clean. If you are concerned about your pet’s health and yours, you will be glad to know that crystal cat litter is safe. Even if cats decide to play with crystals and lick them, there are no risks implied.

As a plus, it is safer for humans as well, because crystals produce less dust, and is better for people with respiratory problems. Not to mention it is more hygienic to clean after your furry friend, because you will no longer find dust from the litter around the house. Unlike classic clumping litter, crystals don’t clump, and you can remove the solids easily. As for the liquids, the litter absorbs it and eliminates the odor faster, so your house will be cleaner and smelling nice. Of course, the odor depends on what your cat eats, because if you provide quality and nutritious food, such as Ziwi Peak cat food, you will notice a difference in this direction.

What Crystal Cat Litter Provides

Another great benefit regarding  crystal cat litter  is weight. You will no longer have to carry the clumping litter that weighs too much, and your back will be grateful. The crystals are made from silica gel and processed with water and oxygen, which makes them very lightweight and absorbing. You will no longer have to scoop out the clumps formed by liquids, because the crystals absorb them and change color when it is time to remove them completely. You will clean less, and your cat will be happier thinking their litter box is cleaner and safer to use. Every cat owner knows how kitties are about cleanliness and how they reuse to use the litter box when it is too dirty and smelly.

If you want to make the transition smoother to crystals, you can start by adding them to the litter or place a box with them right next to the old one. Soon enough, they will transition to the product and you will have less to worry about. People concerned about the environment will be glad to know that this type of litter is more eco-friendly, especially because it requires fewer replacements, sometimes even once a month, depending on how many cats use the litter box. This translates into a lower carbon footprint and fewer trips to the pet shop.

If your cat is not very sensitive to smell, you can purchase scented crystal cat litter, and your home will smell even better. To know exactly when to change the litter, some manufacturers incorporated a color code that allow crystals to change to a different shade when they are full of liquid. This makes it easier for everyone to know when it is time to make the change them. Your cat will be grateful that you do it in time, and there will be no surprises around the house.

Crystal cat litter absorbs odor as well, locking the smell in, which means that in some occasions you will not even know your cat used the litter box. This is always great news, especially for people who are more sensitive to the smell. You can find crystals from different brands, some in larger packages, so you can buy a bag and have it for a couple of months. This is more convenient and cost-effective, especially if you have more than one cat around the house and require a higher amount of litter. It is a good idea to read reviews and find out how other cats reacted to crystals from a certain brand and if people recommend it.

You can always purchase crystal cat litter online and have the product delivered to your door. This is ideal if you want to save time and don’t want to go to the pet shop too often. There are many online stores that sell a diverse range of products for your kitty, and you can purchase everything from the same place. Besides crystal litter, you need a lot of other supplies for your feline, such as food, treats, toys, bedding, grooming kits, brushes, supplements, clippers for their nails, flea collars to protect cats going outside, and many others.

Why Choose Ziwi Peak Cat Food


Cat parents tend to be overwhelmed when they shop for food, because there are so many brands that promise the best ingredients, but in fact when you read the label you find out something different. One brand that does stand out is  Ziwi Peak cat food , dedicated to offering only nutritious food, and inspired by raw food.

Ziwi Peak cat food uses air drying technology, conserving the nutrients within the meat, so you don’t have to compromise and worry if your feline gets the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals.

95% within Ziwi Peak cat food consists of meat, bones, seafood, and organs. The remaining ingredients include essentials, such as vitamins, minerals, lecithin, and chicory inulin. You will not find sugar, grains, or soy, which are known to cause allergies to your pet. You can rest assured your kitty receives only the best meals.

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