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Posted by Rely Services Inc on September 29th, 2021

That\\'s right! Hey Florida mortgage pros, tired of all the money the volatile market is costing you in employee overhead? Not enough staff one day, too many the next? Are you still riding that rollercoaster? Rely Services feels your pain and is responding with a unique, limited-time offer:

\\"1 FREE Mortgage Loan Application Processed! End To End!

A Rely Services Exclusive!\\"

For a limited time, Rely Services - a premier Mortgage Loan Processing Company is offering to process 1 of your mortgage loan applications - 1003 form to closing - absolutely FREE, at no risk to you!

Send Rely Services a pre-qualified, pre-approved Mortgage Loan Application, and they\\'ll get it across the finish line. Rely Services is a leading Loan Processing Company In Florida, can offer this free service with confidence, and will outperform any other Contract Loan Processing Company in the state. Our Mortgage Processing, including Mortgage Closing Services, are simply the best!

Florida always seems to be trending up or down, rarely static, but the last year has been one for the ages. Despite all the complications – both social and economic – home sales in Florida ended in 2020 with an increase of nearly 6%. Phenomenal, really, but reflecting a pattern seen nationwide. Towards the end of the summer, sales across the board began to take off for many reasons: many nearing retirement age pulled the plug early. During the summer, the unrest in some cities also played a part, with some Americans seeking less populated areas. But incredible as it seems, with all the turmoil generated by the pandemic, home sales continued to climb, and fourth-quarter sales were up over 23% over 2019!

\\"Save Your Bottom Line.\\"

Use The Top Mortgage Loan Processing Company In Florida.

\\"Your Best Source For A Mortgage BPO.\\"

How did this unexpected boom affect your business? Most of us spent a lot of frustrating time struggling to process mortgage applications and furthering the chaos; turnaround times from overwhelmed processors got longer and longer. And that\\'s a real problem in a hot market. How do you balance the size of your staff with current needs? Especially when that need goes through wild swings just as the market does? Many firms of all sizes are turning to outsource to both save money and time.

Here are some of the services that are included in Rely Services\\' special offer:

  • Collection Of Documents
  • ID and Social Security number.
  • Pay stubs from the last 30 days.
  • W-2s or I-9s from the past two years.
  • Proof of any other sources of income.
  • Federal tax returns.
  • Recent bank statements.
  • Details on long-term debts such as a car or student loans.
  • Real estate property information.
  • Document Review For Compliance
  • Verifying the applicant is compliant with the Suspicious Activity Reports and Anti-Money Laundering laws. Rely Services has the most experienced and effective Compliance Management System (CMS) in the sector and will make sure you are not exposed to needless liability.
  • Credit Scoring
  • A key factor in mortgage approval, a credit check must be complete and current. FICO scores are the best-known and most used by lenders looking to assess a consumer\\'s creditworthiness. FICO scores have a range of 300 to 850—the higher the score, the lower the lending risk.
  • Credential Verification
  • The Certification and Authorization form is a document the borrower must sign to certify that all the information provided during the application process is accurate and complete. The authorization form also gives the lender permission to sell the loan to another company.
  • Mortgage Default Management Services
  • When the homeowner becomes delinquent or when default appears imminent, the borrower enters default servicing. Default servicing is often referred to as loss mitigation since the servicers goal is to minimize the losses of both the investor and the homeowner.
  • Mortgage Loan Quality And Retention Support
  • In today\\'s overstressed economy, thousands of borrows faced defaulting on their loans. In response, lenders increased their efforts to help financially distressed borrowers keep their homes. More than 100 lenders also offer a nationwide mortgage retention program known as Making Home Affordable
  • VA Loan Support Services
  • VA helps Servicemembers, Veterans, and eligible Surviving Spouses become homeowners. and provides a home loan guaranty benefit (which can help reduce the cost of the loan) and other housing-related programs to help vets buy, build, repair, retain, or adapt a home for personal occupancy
  • Mortgage Title Policy And Document Retrieval Services
  • Rely Services has a proprietary process to retrieve critical documents like a deed of trust and/or title information of the mortgage transaction. Following the paper trail of all vital mortgage documents. And it doesn\\'t stop there. Rely Services will also review the records for errors and misstatements.

The Top Mortgage Loan Processing Company In Florida?

\\"Rely Services. You Deserve The Best.\\"

When you need help achieving a competitive edge, why not partner with the \\"Gold Standard\\" in outsourced services? Rely Services is accurate, fast, affordable, reliable, and has the best trained and experienced staff available anywhere. We have contracted mortgage loan processors in Illinois, Florida.

Contact Rely Services today for a no-obligation evaluation of your workflow and how we can help. And remember, for a limited time, Rely Services is offering to do a complete mortgage process free!

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