3 Top Tips For Keeping Your Business Exterior Clean

Posted by Natalie Wilson on September 29th, 2021

When it comes to your business, first impressions are everything. Ensuring that the exterior of your building is clean and tidy is vital - remember the exterior of your building is the first thing that customers, clients or visitors see and will help them form a lasting impression of your business. Any potential customers that go past your building will make quick assumptions about your business largely based on its appearance and, if it is neglected, untidy or looks unprofessional, then they will assume that your business is the same. 


The cleanliness of your building exterior will typically affect your business in three ways: the footfall of potential clients or customers, ensuring that current customers or clients return and keeping your employees satisfied with their working conditions and environment. With that in mind, here are three top tips for keeping the exterior of your business clean. 


External Building Cleaning

You might not notice it on a daily basis, but the exterior of your building can get particularly grubby, especially if you are in an inner-city location or by a busy road. Whilst you might not notice it, potential clients and customers will so it’s important to ensure that the exterior of your building is cleaned regularly. 


A lot of business owners forget that, just like general day to day cleaning of a business, the external facade needs a cleaning throughout the year, too. DOFF cleaning is often used for external building cleans and utilises a gentle, hot steam cleaning method to remove moss, algae, dirt and grime from buildings, especially buildings that use external materials which could be easily damaged by other cleaning methods such as pressure washing. 


Other things could also be contributing to the cleanliness of your business building, without you even realising it. If you notice that birds are a regular occurrence at your place of business, then you might also have a problem with bird or pigeon guano. These can accumulate over time and can be harmful to health if left. Pigeon guano removal is a simple, but specialist, cleaning method that removes and decontaminates any areas where pigeon or bird droppings may be a problem. Once this is complete, you could consider installing bird deterrents to prevent the issue from happening again in the future. 


Regular Grounds Maintenance

Like all garden space, the grounds of your business premises needs a lot of attention and care, too. If a customer or client arrives at your building premises and the surrounding area is messy and unkempt, then it can put them off, even if your building is spotless. Regular weed removal and control, window cleaning and litter removal are all small jobs that can have huge impacts on the appearance of your building and business. 


Add some finishing touches, such as plants or flowers, entrance mats, bins and ensure that pathways are swept and clean and your building will be a much more welcoming environment. Don’t forget about areas such as smoking shelters, car parks and waste areas, as these can often accumulate dirt and grime much quicker than other areas. 


Gutter Cleaning

Not only is gutter cleaning essential for the overall appearance of your business premises, but it can prevent costly damages and repairs during the winter months. The longer that debris is left in your gutters, the more damage it can cause so regular gutter cleaning throughout the year can prevent leaks and water damage from occurring during the winter months. Leaves, twigs, moss, algae and other dirt can quickly build up in gutters, especially during the autumn months, and this can cause a bad smell or unwanted leaky gutters. 



Maintaining the cleanliness of your building’s exterior is important for a number of different reasons. It’s important to take as much pride in the building of your business as it is your actual business and people do and will form first and often lasting impressions of your business based entirely on the appearance. Not only will this cause business to decrease, but it may even give you a bad reputation within your industry, which is something that all business owners want to avoid! 


Thankfully, the appearance of your building is something which you can completely control and influence, so no matter how drabby it might look, it can always be solved. Simple changes, such as the addition of green plants by the doorway or even just a fresh lick of paint can totally transform your business space and make it much nicer and welcoming. If you put pride into the exterior of your business, then this will naturally shine through and will not go unnoticed by clients or customers. 


External business cleaning is something that doesn’t need to take hours of work or cost the world and can be done slowly and surely throughout the year, with 30 minutes or so each week to tackle the different jobs. Factor it into the general cleaning of your premises and it will make the tasks all that much easier to complete.  

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