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Posted by Parth Shah on September 30th, 2021

TripAdvisor has ranked the fine, sandy Clearwater Beach in Tampa as America’s top beach in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, the beach also made to the list of the top best beaches in the world in 2019, ranked at number six. It is not an average feat by any standards because Clearwater Beach was the only beach in Florida to feature in the top 25 international beaches of the world. Considering that the ranking is assigned by the travel site based on feedback and reviews posted by travelers, with the beach being considered one of the finest family-friendly beaches in Florida, it is a big achievement. It shows that the beach offers the best travel experiences.

What is so amazing about Clearwater Beach?

The obvious question is—what makes Clearwater Beach the first choice for beach lovers from across the world? Unlike many other beach areas in the world, which have started to collapse due to unhealthy practices of tourists, Clearwater Beach is one place where the sugar-white fine and soft sand is as appealing as the crystal-clear seawater. Kudos to the locals here and the authorities; the beach is immaculately maintained. The beach is home to some unique art events, including the Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival or the Clearwater Beach Chalk Art Festival, while the cleanliness and safety aspects of the beach contribute meaningfully towards making it a family-friendly place. The place is well-guarded by lifeguards throughout the year, the only beach in this part of the world to boast of this unique feature.

Meanwhile, there is a long concrete pier. Pier 60 makes it easy for pedestrians to access and move around easily. The entire boardwalk is lined with some of the best places to eat and drink, of which Badfins is one of the finest. With several shops and vendors, visitors can indulge in some mind-boggling shopping experiences. 

But is that enough to nudge it to the top of the list!

An interesting feature of the beach is the amazing and fun-filled ambiance after sunset. In other words, that is one of the key strengths of Clearwater Beach. It is the sunset-time activities here that convert the white sugary, sandy beach into a festival every day. It is a one-of-its-kind unique experience that not many city dwellers or even residents in the countryside get to watch and enjoy every day.

Live music on Clearwater Beach is a characteristic feature that sees the conglomeration of street performers and artists every day. The open-and-airy show starts two hours before the heavenly sunset every day and goes on for another two hours after. Besides being in the audience for the magnificent sunset show, tourists, especially kids, can be part of a multitude of activities here, including movies, games, and more. A perfect place to go out for beach walks, there are beach-grooming sessions and the joy of public bathing to add spice to all the fun and frolic.

Wining, dining, enjoying succulent seafood, fishing, and sightseeing coupled with the sunset celebrations make Clearwater Beach what it truly is—a laidback place to experience the ocean closely and just relax, relax, and relax! 

Not-to-miss happy hours at Clearwater Beach 

Music, wine, beer, and seafood—the atmosphere is filled with a daily celebratory note. The best part is that the place has a good mix of some premium, high-end restaurants with other affordably-priced food joints. Irrespective of the pricing, this place has some must-visit restaurants that need to be on your itinerary during your stay at Clearwater Beach. Some of the dishes you should try are pork belly chicharrones topped with honey garlic sauce, lobster Mac & Cheese, fish tacos, short rib barbacoa, carnitas empanadas, quesadillas, Mojo Tuna, char-grilled salmon glazed with mojo tequila, stuffed shrimp, Grouper grilled, etc. Plus, the place has many joints serving locally-made alcohol, which might leave you a bit tipsy but definitely happy and delighted.

Undoubtedly, Clearwater Beach is a place that livens up the spirit. While your kids are busy with the sunset celebrations, it is the perfect time to catch the happy hours at Badfins at the Wyndham Grand Resort—one of the best places to indulge in some local seafood and taste wine brewed locally. You might wonder what is unique about this place that other restaurants at the beach do not offer. There is a difference, for sure! The place serves locally crafted beer and wine and experiments extensively to create impressive cocktails. The ambiance comes to life with live local music in the background and a clear view of the beach. Anybody and everybody can walk in here without a reservation to become part of a growing community of food and wine connoisseurs who love the cuisine at this beachy joint.


A beach is one of the best places to unwind and rejuvenate. And, if it is Clearwater Beach, you can chill even more because it is not only for adults but also kids who love the exotic ambiance of the place. It is a vacation that might leave you with the feeling of coming back soon. Life becomes a cheerful journey here because there is a reason to celebrate each day. As the sun goes down, the carnival at the beach is intoxicating and mesmerizing. Add to that some awesome food and local drinks with live local music from talented artists, and your hands are full in every way. Clearwater Beach isn’t at the top as one of the best beaches in Florida for nothing. The place and the ambiance exemplify the need to find joy and happiness in small, simple things that life offers you. A trip here is soul-satisfying with the man-made activities that blend so well with nature! The pleasure of authentic seafood with artistically created drinks in this setting only gets the mercury soaring—an unmatched experience whether you love the beach or not!

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