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Posted by Stephen Taylor on September 30th, 2021

Gone are the days when businesses took years to make money. Now you hear success stories about businesses instantly making tons of money. So how do businesses make money fast? In today’s digital landscape, with smartphones at the disposal of customers, businesses are making money online quickly and conveniently.

At the same time, profitable business doesn’t just happen. One of the primary concerns of global businesses is still how to make sure their enterprises earn money fast. With the Coronavirus Pandemic still looming large, brands need the right strategies, technologies, and tools to earn high margin revenues. 

The advent of tools and technologies like moLotus has led to the creation of new revenue streams for all industry verticals, uplifting ARPU along with high margin growth. The platform has come to the rescue of businesses hit badly by the pandemic. Here are the best ways for businesses to make money fast :

1. Advertising via mobile

Mobile ads being 30 times more effective than other digital ads mobile advertising is the best way for businesses to earn more revenue. With high smartphone penetration, research shows that the average mobile ad response rate is three times higher than the average response rate for other digital advertising campaigns. Thus mobile advertising offers bigger money-making opportunities. For instance, moLotus mobile advertising has a response rate as high as 8-15%, being the highest among all forms of digital advertising. 

Presently, moLotus real mobile advertising is largely being associated with high margin revenues in the global business world. Offering a potential uplift of 2% in ARPU, moLotus advertising is executing mobile campaigns for different industry verticals. Rich media formats including upto 40 sec HQ videos and easy interaction result in higher response and conversion rates. Interestingly moLotus is the only spam-free advertising platform requiring no app downloads or data charges.

2. Performance-Oriented Lead Generation

Undoubtedly quality leads result in more sales and more money for all businesses. However lead generation has been a concern for most global businesses entailing huge costs and wastage of funds. Studies indicate that this is by far the biggest challenge for businesses across the globe. Researches suggest that performance marketing platforms like moLotus provide more high-quality leads, compared to traditional marketing channels at optimum costs adding to rich revenues. It is capable of capturing instant leads via message delivery directly into the inbox on all mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphone, i-phones, and feature phones and at optimum cost per lead.

3. Increasing Customer Reach & Scalability

No matter what kind of business they are into, brands always require more customers to earn more money. Finding more consumers is always fundamental for keeping business running profitably. The New Normal has posed challenges for the businesses striving to ‘reach’ the maximum number of customers. Fortunately, platforms like moLotus have come to the rescue of marketers for building brand reach. Performance-driven moLotus platform stands ahead in reaching millions of customers daily quickly just in one go on their phones leading businesses to make quick money

Multiple targeting options offered by moLotus are based on business criteria, demographics, interaction, etc. which lead to cost savings while creating significant money-making opportunities in 2021. With moLotus, businesses can run year-long campaigns generating steady new revenue streams.

4. Upselling & Cross-selling

Cross-selling and upselling are the key sources of earning money for businesses as they lead to Immediate sales. More and more brands are augmenting their business earnings via upselling and cross-selling using tools and technologies like moLotus. The platform empowers them to create and deliver campaigns meant to upsell and cross-sell the products and services to customers across the globe. moLotus upselling and cross-selling campaigns focus on increasing sales to a huge existing customer base saving the time and money involved with new customer acquisition. 

Getting the most value out of a transaction with an existing customer not only makes more money at the time of the transaction, but it also saves money for businesses by maximizing an existing customer relationship. The moLotus campaigns increase the average transaction value, thus increasing average invoice value; enabling the introduction of new products and services; and increasing ARPU.

5. Intriguing & Interacting More with Customers

For all businesses every single customer interaction is crucial and it decides whether they are going to invest in their products/services and finally engage with their brand. In the ‘new normal’ more and more brands are exploring digital ways to easily interact and engage with customers. Digital platforms like moLotus provide vivid interactive elements offering quick ways to make money and customer engagement for brands. Multiple advanced customer response options like SMS, Callback, Click URL, etc offered by moLotus are extensively being used by them to enhance interaction. Their interaction is not only restricted to products and services, but also innovative ways of using them in the context of current situations. ‘Better interaction, more money is the winning formula now for brands.

6. Optimizing Cost

Successful cost optimization via technology adds to monetary savings for businesses. During these tumultuous times, cost optimization has been a priority for global brands aiming to earn more money. The advent of innovative technology like moLotus has offered huge cost efficiencies to brands. It is being used as the chief tool for the creation of advertising campaigns at a shoestring budget. It is an ideal option for brands to reach socially distanced customers on their phones at a lower cost without depending on any app download or active internet connection. Brands are optimizing operational costs by reducing headcounts of call centers and dispatch processes by embracing moLotus. They are on a cost-cutting spree with moLotus bringing down training and printing costs. 

7. Personalizing Customer Communication

Modern consumers throughout the world, especially Millennials, respond better to communication fine-tuned according to their individual names, tastes, and preferences. Therefore they are bound to make more purchases responding to personalized communication. By personalizing their marketing campaigns businesses can easily improve their cash inflows. 

Interestingly, moLotus mobile advertising platform is the only way for businesses to create a hyper-personalized experience for customers. The new-age platform moLotus offers new ways to deal with new-age customers via offers hyper-personalized with name, greeting, reward, etc. The personalized moLotus ads remain in the customer’s message inbox until deleted by the customer. 

8. Transforming & Automating Customer Processes

Digital transformation is the main driver of monetary growth for global businesses, improving the customer experience and reducing costs. The pace of customer process transformation has accelerated in this ongoing pandemic with breakthrough transformation platforms like moLotus playing the pivotal role. moLotus mobile transformation is scaling up revenues for businesses enhancing the customer processes with speed, agility, and cost savings. 

Digitally mature brands have harnessed the moLotus process automation and mobile transformation capabilities to reduce the time and effort it takes for Big Data management, new customer onboarding, document submission, etc. leading to a spike in business earnings. They are consistently streamlining recurring services, replacing plastic cards with mobile cards, and much more via moLotus. 

9. Rewarding Loyalty

Loyalty programs work on a simple premise — rewarding customers for consistently buying from one business instead of others. Thus, customer loyalty adds to repeat sales and monetary growth for businesses. Also, acquiring new customers is quite expensive compared to retaining existing ones. A properly designed and managed loyalty campaign via tools like moLotus tempt customers to remain loyal and buy more from the brand of choice. Interestingly, via moLotus more and more brands are creating unique loyalty campaigns offering rewards and discounts. The unique platform offers hyper-personalized greeting campaigns for special occasions like Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, etc. adding to customer loyalty. Mobile digital loyalty cards, customer on-boarding, etc., are a few more examples of moLotus loyalty marketing capabilities. 

10. Monetizing Data Assets

Businesses have access to the deepest and richest insights into customers’ behaviors and usages. The data assets can be put to multiple uses, leading to the maximization of profits and revenues. Businesses can transform data into deep customer insights. Advanced data curating and analytics features of moLotus makes data management, and analysis easy for businesses assisting in data monetization. They can compile campaign data in the form of detailed reports enabling further analysis.


Making money digitally can help businesses to stay afloat even in tough times. Using tools and technologies like moLotus go a long way in augmenting high margin revenue and are indispensable for ambitious businesses. It is increasingly becoming the most popular and quickest way for businesses to make money. Transform, excite, engage, and earn more!

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