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What is Panchakarma treatment?

A formidable and intensive Ayurvedic therapy, Panchakarma which means \'five detox processes\' transforms, removes toxins and helps in restoring the body constitution. It rejuvenates your body and strengthens the detox and reestablishes your mind-body unity. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in Kerala is a much sought detox process

Why is it done?

Several kinds of contaminants get accumulated in our body from numerous sources like the environment, the food and drinks we consume etc. In Ayurveda, this toxic accumulation is called ama. These toxins affect the natural biochemistry and functioning of all organs. When this accumulation continues for years, the flow of Prana (vital energy) is blocked by the toxins. There is an imbalance in the five elements and the three doshas(vata, pitta and kapha) as well as our mind. Panchakarma is done to remove the toxins and rejuvenate the body.


Panchakarma treatment is decided for an individual after thorough physical examination and pulse diagnosis. Therefore, there is no universal package for everyone. It may take a minimum of seven days and may last as long as 21 days.

Benefits of Panchakarma

When toxins are eliminated, the natural biochemistry of the body is restored and metabolism is improved, which helps the Prana body to stay energetic. The strength of digestive fire is enhanced. Through regular massages, lactic acid is removed from muscles and joints. Hormonal balance is regained and blood circulation is improved helping to restore appetite, sleep quality, concentration and memory.

The body is completely purified and blocked channels are opened. The body and mind are relaxed, tissues are rejuvenated and immunity is boosted. It slows the ageing process and relieves stress. Your strength, and endurance are improved.

Impaired metabolism is the cause for obesity. Panchakarma speeds up metabolism by eliminating toxins from the body.Virechanam and Vasthi help in losing weight. Virechanam is quite suitable because it improves metabolism both at macro level in the gut and micro levels in the cells. Vasthi helps in achieving relative equilibrium in body weight. Lekhana Vasthi, a combination of medication and oils alternatively, gives excellent results.

IdealTime for Panchakarma

According to the Vedic texts, treatments must be done three to four times a year as per the season to derive the best results. Different benefits are obtained in different seasons. However, you can undergo the treatment whenever you feel sick or out of balance. Ayurvedic doctors recommend that a healthy person should be treated at least once a year and for a person with an illness, it can be from twice a year to daily.

The five processes in Panchakarma

There are five processes in Panchakarma that are not necessary for every individual. The Ayurvedic physicians decide about the appropriate treatments and duration after considering aspects like age,genetics, medical condition, and most importantly the doshic imbalances.

Nasyam -

Nasyam is a nasal cleansing process in which herbal oils or herbal remedies or fumes are administered through the nostrils. The nasal passages get lubricated and the air we breathe becomes moist in a subtle way and that helps to cleanse all your sense organs as well as the cerebral faculties. Through this therapy, the sense organs are activated and it protects you from the diseases pertaining to the head.

Vamana -

The digestive system is cleansed by controlled vomiting or purging, through herbal medicinal treatment. This treatment removes the kapha(mucus) toxins accumulated in the body and the respiratory tract. You get relief from congestion, wheezing, and breathlessness as the sinus is cleared after vomiting. Vamana enhances digestion and metabolism.

Virechanam -

Through medically induced purgation, intestines are cleansed. Liver, gallbladder, and gastrointestinal tract are cleansed from excessive toxic and metabolic waste(pitta) using laxative medicines. As per the condition, herbal medicines are given in specific amounts. Immunity is improved, appetite is increased, metabolism is regulated, healthy digestion is enhanced and the intensity of chronic diseases is minimised

Vasthi -

Warm Ayurvedic herbal oils or decoctions are introduced into the colon through rectum to induce enema, for the elimination of toxins accumulated in the intestines and colon. Vasthi is a localised and symptomatic treatment.

This treatment nourishes the colonic flora and brings about a balance in the body. It is considered one of the best remedies for numerous psycho-somatic diseases.

Rakta moksha -

Blood is detoxified effectively by this treatment. Small quantities of impure blood are removed to neutralize accumulated toxins of many blood-borne diseases, by using two main techniques- by metallic instrumentsv(Shastra Visravana) and using leeches( Anushastra Visravana).

Rakta moksha therapy is both curative as well as preventive.

Panchakarma Program at Au Revoir

At Au Revoir, Ayurveda Treatment Centre Palakkad, best Ayurvedic treatment packages are offered, of which the Panchakarma program is highly recognized. The live-in clinic at the best resort in Palakkad is headed by a qualified and highly-respected Vaidyan and an assigned therapist monitors you daily. The food is cooked according to Ayurvedic principles and medicines are prepared on site. The Panchakarma program at this best Health Retreat in Kerala is performed after proper consideration of your individual needs. You will feel rejuvenated and the treatment will help you get rid of all your ailments and relax your body as well as mind. So choose one of the best Ayurveda resorts in Palakkad , Au Revoir and restore your body-mind equilibrium.

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