It requires the local indication and unalters that indication

Posted by lisajim on April 27th, 2016

It requires the local indication and unalters that indication..the reprojection copies missing prospective supports and places them lengthy ago again in in accordance with the truth that the present display shown in the HMD is regularly relaxing 120Hz..Best exampleIf the feedback is a local 60p, it will experience to the customer as if it was 120fps in level of smoothness. As is if the local CSGO Skin indication is 90fps the same..and of course the local 120fps is going to believe that it was 120fps for level of smoothness with working at less decreased stuttering structure loss.

Its like you have a vessel on a flow that is being taken along the flow at 120 ft per sec. The vessels motor only has a max speed of what ever is on the speedometer.The local indication of the activities feedback is not modified only the Renew rate of the PS4 closed to that of the HMD because the ps4 knows the PSVR refresh rates are the constant!  not of the activities indication feedback.

What ever the local indication is thats what it is.Reprojection only copies the supports of the vessel..while the refresh rate drops them lengthy ago again in at a continuous speed of 120Hz.Its like the super hero the display operates before the vessel and the vessels residents are supports..and as one drops off the display is going so considerably quicker that he is able to put a decreased supports into the vessel as its going down flow.

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